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 Achiima Calamity (Full Backstory)

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Achiima Calamity (Full Backstory) Empty
PostSubject: Achiima Calamity (Full Backstory)   Achiima Calamity (Full Backstory) EmptyFri Feb 06, 2015 6:20 am

Achiima was raised in an old Irish family of murderers. Though elegant they were a strong bonded family and close knit, You messed with one, you messed with them all. Achiima, being the youngest and newest member, was only scraped with the practices of murder and assassination that her family was so well known for. They’d defeat many large dynasties and organizations in Europe. For they did this to show the great power and hostility the “Calamity” Dynasty could bring. But one time, there were consequences for not being as wary as they normally would. For they missed, one minuscule detail in the last slaughter. They left alive 1 person, The Niahara clan’s youngest son, Azure. He had weaseled his way out to inform the next clan, The O’Brian Clan, of Calamity’s next move. So before they had arose to collect the live’s of the O’Brian’s, They came at full force with all of their allies to Slaughter the Calamity family, Leaving no one but the 5 children of the leaders alive. Achiima, Nobunga, Edgar, and Mortimer who were the last ones alive, were left to raise themselves, though the only one who had truly had raising left to do was the youngest, Achiima. For she was only about 13 when this all occurred. This left the boys with the task of raising her in the art of combat and survival, the life she’d have to live with from then forth.
But as her relationship with her brother’s grew stronger, they grew less alert on their surrounding problems. For they could be discovered or recognized as the children of the Calamity Dynasty. But one day, just as Mortimer suspected, they had disappeared. Achiima was left alone. She lost her father figures. This was as she was only 15. She grew a hatred for most people, for taking the only real people she had ever known. She became nomadic. A mercenary. Training for combat trying to be the best she could be, and live out the life her brothers would have wanted, though it wasn’t. She hunted for food, and money. She sold pelts and things before she became interested in assassination jobs. She’d then begin to hunt people. She’d hunt like this for years. Till’ she thought she’d become skilled enough, Until she was about 19. This is when it happened. She had always seen it on her brother, Mortimer when she was younger. She had grown horns, Of a silvery grey color. She’d discovered her ability to summon shadow bourn familiars and weaponry. She had discovered a new way of fighting.
Though she had discovered this odd new magic sense, She had still carried out jobs, till’ one day she stumbled apon a place, A place of 7 Ronin. The Sinister Seven. She sought refuge here, and sought out to do jobs for this organization. Though as she did, she began growing a fancy to these people. For they were beginning to become her new family, Her new home. Her new hope. She became an ally to the 7, to aid them in their battles, Just as she would if it were her true family.
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Achiima Calamity (Full Backstory)
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