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 Achiima Calamity (Character Bio/Info) :Work In Progress:

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Achiima Calamity (Character Bio/Info) :Work In Progress: Empty
PostSubject: Achiima Calamity (Character Bio/Info) :Work In Progress:   Achiima Calamity (Character Bio/Info) :Work In Progress: EmptyWed Feb 04, 2015 4:03 am

What role does this character play?: Achiima, Mercenary Allied with the Sinister Seven
What inspired you to create this character?: It's based off of myself in many ways.
What goals do you have for this character?: To work on my Role Play skills, and become more in touch with my literary arts side.

Full Name:Achiima Calamity
Pronunciation of their name(first, middle name(s) and last): A-Chi-Ma ~ Ca-Lam-Ity
Meaning of their full name: Achiima means Lilith or demon in old irish language, And Calamity is passed down from old family reputation from disasters they have previously caused.
Title: Madame/Lady
Nickname(s): Lilith/ Lily
Do they enjoy these/this nickname(s)?: Yes.
History behind nickname(s): They are the english versions of the name/ Shortened version of the english name.
Alias(es): Lady Calamity.

Physical Features

Physical: Short, Slight Muscular.
Sex: Female
Gender identity: Female
Race/species: Elf/Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Realm/Universe: Real World/ Realm of S7 Occurrence.

Age: 21
How old they appear: 21
Mental age: 30's->
Orientation/Sexual preference: Bisexual
Why this sexual choice?: What appeals to her.
Do they believe it's right?: Yes
Are they opposed for their sexual choice?: No

Birth date: 05/31
Birth place: Old Ireland/ Bray
Death date:TBD
Death place:TBD

Height: 5’3
Weight: 140-50
Are they overweight/underweight?: No
Blood type: O-
Can they bleed?: Yes
What color is their blood?: Red.

Detailed Physical Features:

Eye color(s): Red
Is this eye color uncommon?: Yes
Are their eyes good?: They are generally clear sight eyes, Used for hunting with a Bow during jobs.

General facial structure: Narrow eyes, high cheekbones, Slightly Rounded Jawline.
Face shape: Round/ Circular
Describe their eyes: Narrow/ Small pupils
Describe their nose: Small/ Slightly Pointy
Describe their lips: Pink. Larger lower lip/ Slight pucker shape.
Ears: Small Pointed ears, About 2’’ long.
Eyelashes?: Yes
Describe them: Long/ Curled Ends.

Eyebrows?: Yes
Describe them: Black~ Arched Slightly

Hair color: White/ Vanilla
Hair length: Short/Medium
Dyed? No
Hair style: Tight Curles
Why?: Suits the character/ How her mother used to style it.
Is their hair healthy?: Very/Yes.
How thick?: Thick/ Lots of it.

Body build: Slim
Body shape: Hourglass
Body type: Healthy
Posture: “Elegant”
Extra extremities: Horns~Silver// Born with them, One of her three brothers were as well, but it was never explained as to why they were there.
Describe how they walk: Normal/ Regular speed/ On Edge/ Alert
Why do they walk this way?: Way they were raised to walk.

Skin/fur color(s): Pale/ “Porcelain”
Complexion: Clear~ Reddish Cheeks.
Birthmarks: One on the underside of her forearm
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Bridge Pierced/ Cartilage On Tips of Ear
Reasons behind piercings: Older Brother had One/ None in Particular.

Right/left handed?: Right handed
Big hands/small hands/something else?: Small Hands
Long fingered/short fingered hands?: Long Fingered
Are their nails taken care of?: Yes

Describe their smile: Slight Smile~ Never shows teeth unless laughing.
What kind of teeth do they have?: Normal Human-Like/ Normal 4 Canines:Slightly Sharper.
Do they take care of their teeth?: Yes
Why/why not?: Just for Grooming Purpose.
Dental condition: Clean~ Well Cared For.

Describe their voice: “Seductive-Like” Tone/ High-ish/ Womanly

Describe an outfit they would wear: Half top: Black, Black full bottoms, Red Boots, Red fur edged cloak, Red gloves w/ buckled straps.
Why do they have this clothing preference?: Because they like elegance but also dress for a battle situation/ Casual.


Personality snapshot: Serious/ Caring/ Asshole/ Loyal Razz
In depth personality: She is very serious because of her soldier like half. She is almost 4 different people. She is like a mother to many for her care and love. She is an asshole and stressful to those who annoy her or any/ most aponents. She is a “Hunter”/Loyal in some ways because she can carry out missions and be well set to do things.
Most prominent personality trait: Loyalty
Best traits of their personality: Creative/ Loyal/ Caring
Worst traits of their personality: Asshole/ Serious

What caused this kind of personality to form?: Just life events in general
Would you say their personality was influenced by their caretakers/guardians?: Somewhat
If so, who influenced their personality the most and how?: Brothers/Parents
Do they like their personality?: Of course!

Do they have a healthy self image?: Generally yes.
If so, what gives them the drive to maintain it?: Her lover/ Love life/ Friends.

First impression usually given: A bit off/ Or Welcoming
Are they logical thinkers?:Yes
Right brain/left brained?: No particular Dominant/ Right
Why?: She is both logical and creative, But creativity dominates mostly. She is a good negotiator but could also paint a replica mona lisa.

Outlook on life: Interesting/ Doesn’t particularly enjoy they way the world is/ it’s a nightmare.
General attitude: Shy/ “Bubbly”
What caused this attitude?: Nothing in Particular
Have they ever questioned their outlook on life?: Yes

Alignment: She has not path/ She is on whichever path her jobs show her.
Do they know the outcome of this choice?: Not exactly
Do they believe this is right?: In her mind yes.

Personal quote and(or) motto: “It is hard to wake up from a nightmare if you aren’t even asleep”
Reasons behind this motto/quote: She has been through a lot in this lifetime.

Earliest memory: Walking through the Cherry tree orchard with her brothers before their death
Is this memory important to them?: Yes
Do they wish to forget it?: Never
Are they glad they remember it?: Yes

How do they respond and/or react in times of...(and why they do what they do)
Happiness: They take it in and cherish it for it doesn’t occur often.
Excitement: Same
Surprise: Same
Grief: Silence
Pain: Silence
Fear: Silence/ Preparation
Not knowing the outcome of some situation: Surprise/ Worry/ Pain


What country?: Ireland
City?: Bray
Residence: Sinister Seven Dynasty House/ HQ
Do they live at their current residence by will?: Yes

Backstory: She was raised into an old Irish “mafia” like family. They were nomadic but had a dynasty like residence in Bray, Ireland. Their Nomadic ways lead them throughout Ireland and all of Europe, Where they would slaughter other Organizations. Taking over others for fun and to show power. Though one day this came back to bite them in the butt. Most of the family was murdered by one of the German Organizations in the night. Then all that was left were the 4 children of the “Calamity” clan, Achiima, Nobunga (20), Edgar (17), and Mortimer (24). Achiima being the youngest when this happened (11), was left in the hands of the three older boys. By the time she was about 15 her brothers mysteriously disappeared within the night. Leaving her alone and without a cause. Though her brothers had always told stories of how her family was. So this led her on a journey of vigorous training in far away lands. Till’ she was old enough to begin taking jobs in hunting, and eventually becoming well enough in combat and secrecy to be an assassin at hand for those who requested it/ She became a mercenary. After this long line of mercenary work she discovered the interesting group of The Sinister Seven; Deciding to take them up as allies. (Very brief/ In progress)

Tell about some major events that happened within these ages...
childhood(6 - 9): Barely remember
adolescence/tween(10 - 12): Barely remember/ Parents murdered.
adolescence/teen(13 - 16): Lose brothers/ they go missing
teen continued(16 - 18): Nomadic life/ Training
young adulthood(19 - 25): Continued Nomadicy; Mercenary/ Introduction to the sinister 7

Family background & Family tree: An old/Well known warrior family. All murdered/ Brothers are missing.
Describe their upbringing: Wasn’t exactly raised by a family: Trained by those who would: Raised by her brothers till’ they were lost.
Did they enjoy their upbringing?: For a while.
How much does their upbringing effect them in day to day life now?:
What did/do they most enjoy about their childhood?: Her time with her brothers.
What did/do they most resent about their childhood?: The murder of her family.

Education/Finances: Educated to collegial level/ Works at assassin jobs/ Hunts for butchers.

Marital status: Single

Parents: Dead
How did their parents meet?: Unknown
How is their relationship with their parents?: Barely knew them
Why?: They were murdered
Siblings: 3 Brothers
Business colleagues/acquaintances: All within the sinister 7

What kind of romantic are they?(easily lovestruck, tough nut, etc.): About the middle of the examples.
What traits do they look for in a possible lover?: Comedic/ Sweet/ But can be stern.
What traits do they avoid in a lover?: The wrong kind of asshole
Are they picky when it comes to romance searching?: Sort of.

Highest education level completed: Collegial

Occupation:Assassin/ Hunter/ Mercenary
Is this occupation something passed through their family's generations?: Yes
Why they picked this occupation: Family Business
Brief job history: “Nomadic” “ Client” Jobs/Mercenary
Weapon(s) of choice: Long Sword/ Demon blade; Metal laced with Shadow Dragon's blood. Elvish Bow; Made from pure Iridius Steele.

Write up a quick resume for your OC: Hunter/ Assassin. Bow skills: High Close combat skills: High. Mage. No real loss/ Always gotten the job done.  
Do they have a good resume?: Yes

How much do you estimate they make per year?: Enough
Is that a lot for their lifestyle and occupation?: Yes
Are they financially well off?: Yes

Up close and personal

Biggest regrets: Losing her family (Though not her fault)
Does this effect their day to day life?: Not in Particular

Largest weaknesses: Hatred for “Certain people”
Are they ashamed at all of their weaknesses?:  Not particularly

Largest strengths: Her ability to Forgive/ Care

What are their...
Likes: Art/ Hunting
Dislikes: People (None in particular/ Just in general)

Can they honestly hold a job down?: Yes

Abilities: Summon “shadow” creatures/ Familiars; Manipulation of Shadows.
Rate their power on a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being most powerful in all the universe they're in: 5-6
Are these powers inherited generation to generation?: Yes
Why/why not?: Family thing.

Special skills: Archery/ Artistry/ and Negotiation

Social skills: In between antisocial and a social "Butterfly"

First language: Irish
Second language: French
Third: English

Pet: Ash~ "Shadow" wolf which can be summoned through her power. “Her Familiar”
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Achiima Calamity (Character Bio/Info) :Work In Progress:
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