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Coexists: <s>The temple was hued deeply from the horizon, despite passing of age and yearly storm surges,somehow remained within it's incredible state of preserved beauty and natural formations. With all it's beauty, and it's stunning history to boot, the passage to this great templew as no easy trek for those that bore witness to the harsh roads, the turns of the mountain and the frigid chill pass of the mountain's slopes to reach such incredible places as such. Mako allowed a small huff to release from his body, the man was mixed of excitment and terror, the anxious spirit in his body urged on to rush to the temple, though the age he carried brought the knowledge of foolish actions. He would bring the brown leather strap, which was supporting a backpack and hip satchel by strap, over his shoulder and brought it closer to his body, he bore no possessions of worth, no golden trinkets of journey's riches, but rather the food that supported him and a rolled cotton sack for resting his head on rather than the dirt he step on now. Mako had found himself at this spot, much like he had imagined in his dreams before taking the pilgrimage at such great length to reach, now only within a miles reach. The pilgrimage allowed him access through the mountains, monks were commonly accepted and were well traveled through the lands, knowing which roads and paths that might find useful for avoiding troubles involved by the state or government. He would produce another sigh before taking in a breath, moving down the rocky slope edging from the mountain's paths meet with the natural trail forming toward the temple, bordered by makeshift fence. Hours went by as he traveled down this road, not a stranger to long travel, his feet, after years of training, were trained to handle such paths, despite the linen wrapped around his ankles for support and the balance of his bone placement, also proving quite useful for the colder travels through the mountain passing. The temple was before him, speckled golden and garbed with natural shine as the sun moved through it's exterior, illuminating it's detailed structure. The decal of the walls were branded with a multitude of coloring displaying what the lands of this nation define "Open Territory", meaning they carried no strict affiliation with governement, state or political outlook. Mako would hear stories of the Sinister Seven as a child, a tit-mother producing such tales of wonder and amazement to his child mind, allowing him to dream of adventure and fill the heart with hope, before this day he had no clue of what his path would bring him, fate has it's reasons. As Mako passed the ridged walkways of the wall's border, brazing his hand across the formed walls, noting it's rough feel and rigged damage from what he could only factor as age that was coated on it's color. Before him, guarded by only fence and balanced turns was a wooden passageway, a small bridge leading within the temple beyond the wooden make doors. His feet continued to move him, bringing him around the corner and before the doors he had spotted only moments ago. Unarmed, and knowing not of what lay before him within the temple he would press his shoulders, pushing the doors open to be greated by a painting of pink, the debried droplets of cherry blossom were coated upon the ground, garbing it with it's amazing color. Mako had never seen such beauty before, as if nature itself had crafted the image before him with brush and delightful colors that astonished the eyes. He would allow himself a moment to take in such a sight, the mountain's passing offering scenory to the extent of rocks and more rocks, while not most pleasing to the eyes, carried a lonely feeling to them as well, it was rather refreshing to be greeted as such, though to his surprise not as crowded as one might believe it to be as they entered. Rather than chattering of passing citizens, shoppets and children's playful antics, he was greeted rather with the glow of the temple, the soft humming of wind chimes placed under the trees and the loving whispered feel of the breeze passing through his robes and vest. Mako brought his arm up, tucking his thumb under the leather strap supported over his shoulder and lightly placing it to the ground beside him, the strap itself from long travel had worked its way into forming a soft spot to his shoulder, this was fixed easily by Mako rotating his arm, allowing blood once again to flow regularly to the appendix. Mako began to ponder, the scenary was well taken into consideration, though was well too stocked and replinished of goods to be abandoned nor sacked by bandits, without a face he would once be alone as he was upon that mountain. He rounded a cornor, leading into what seemed as the great hall or temple grounds if you would of the estate. There, before him a group of citizens, baring no military attire nor political entorage of sorts publicizing by benches and matt laid center fold of the group, as though a training porti
Coexists: of their collective resting area. Mako, humbled by the presence of what seemed to be citizens to this land brought his head low and approached the group, he raised his head slightly, speaking out to bring the group's attention of his presence. The group was not met with a face of a man, but that rather a mask, shadowed by the bushido hat garbed over his head, the strings of prayer stamps etched around it's brim and flowing within the wind. As he raised his neck, allowing more light to enter his face the mask became more destinct in detail. The mask was of red color, faded almost as if the sun had taken it's toll on the finishing cosmetics, wooden by the apperance. Upon it's face were four eyes, the slits circled by white color, a rigged nose passing through the four eyes trailing down the mask slightly above the gaping mouth of the mask, the teeth of it were decorated white though have turned a greyish color of weathered effect. Mako brought his voice louder, though bringing respect to himself with proper presentation and apprecation of it's dwellers. "A thousand pardons, I have entered your temple without proper inventation, I have traveled some way for prilgrimage and only seek refuge within it's walls for a night before I make my way in the morning. I cannot pay you for your services, though will gladly accept anything you can willingly spare" Mako spoke out from under his mask, his robes looked as though muddied from travel. He was not a frail man, begging for food, he was the way of the monk, buddhist teachings have humbled him and sought that of only what was offered and if none, would find his way of support through other means. He would allow himself to stay bent, showing respect for those before him in his humbled state. <e>
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Tsunami: Smoke swirled within the air, dancing among the pink petals of the Thinning Cherry Blossoms. The smoke had trailed from a tobacco, rolled within a paper tube, lit on fire. The cherry at the end of the cylinder glowed brightly as the one who had been smoking it took another drag, filling his lungs with smoke. As the faint light glowed, Aaron Havoc, the leader of the Sinister Seven stood. The souls that wandered this land had spoken. The spoke of someone new, fresh, and weathered. Aaron's eyes faintly reflected the light within the dark temple. This darkness is what he thrived in. His lonesome attitude had prevented him from mingling with the others as often as he could. The tall, blonde haired man stepped passed a faint light shimmering through a hole in the roof. It was revealed that the man's hair was shoulder length, golden blonde with a single braided lock. Attatched to the single lock, a crow's skull. Aaron walked through the smokey room, avoiding the light as much as possible as he silently walked against the aged boards. The glimmer of gold could be barely seen as hints of light still made their way to the Ronin's armor. Goosebumps covered his flesh as he felt the bloodthirst of yesterday haunting him once more. On his belt, he knew that the glass vile hung, swaying with each hurried step. Upon approaching the door, Aaronsmiled, still holding his rolled cigarette between his teeth, pinching it at the end. With a swift and firm kick, his boot had forced the weathered doors open, letting the light pour upon him. Under his blue and green eyes, black circles that hinted at the lack of sleep. Upon the man's shoulders lay the fur of a dead animal, pitch black with black crow feathers lining the edge of the pelt. Upon his shoulders, jutting out of the pelt, crimson armor that was lined with golden dragon decorations. His chest was bare except for a thin white cotton shirt that had a dip in the collar down to his abdomen. Around his neck, hung a very large black crow feather, the tip was painted red. Around his stomach were black leather belts, buckled tightly to prevent any loose clothing from slowing him down. On his forearms, he wore matching armor of that on his shoulders. The clothing that covered his legs was simple. Baggy, black pants that were tucked tightly within his boots. Upon his shins, matchign armor once more. From his back, a long leather cape flowed within the mountain's wind. With a quick snatch, it was easily removeable. Strapped to his lower back, a long muramasa, six feet long was attached. The sheath was solid black, the same was said for the handle. Aaron smiled sinisterly as he began to step forward, raising a hand. Within his palm, a ball of flame suddenly ignited. He brought the end of his cigarette to the flame and quickly relit it. Closing his hand into a fist, the fire extinguised, leaving no traces within his leather gloved hand. Aaron stopped, cracked his neck and grasped the glass vile that hung from a simple leather strap on his waist. He snatched it, snapping the strap and sending it to the moist, grassy soil. Aaron slammed the vile that was filled with black sludge into the ground, making the glass shatter upon impact. The sludge scuttled upon the ground for a moment as a pair of lungs began to form, enveloping themselves in a ribcage that rolled about. Taking in oxygen, the shape continued to form, creating a torso of what could be called a man. As the body emerged from the growing sludge, the creature forming began to moan, groan and scream at the top of it's lungs. The head was so horrifyingly grotesque as the mouth formed, creating long white teeth, shaped like daggers.The tongue that whipped around within the mouth seemed to vibrate when the screams echoed along the mountain. The creature's eyes, they widened, glancing about as Sebastian, the Twilight runner stood up with his newly formed legs. His crimson cat-like eyes peered down at his long legs. "Ahhh, this is my least favorite part..." He spoke, dripping black saliva upon his pale skin as his deep and raspy voiced echoed upon the mountain's top. His black hair hung down in front of his right eye. It smelled rancid and looked as if the hair had been drenched in grease. Aaron smiled and spoke. "Good to see you Sebastian." Was all he said as he drew his long blade with his right hand, preparing for battle. Sebastiantwisted his head around and replied to Aaron's remark. "It's always a pleasure to see someone much uglier than I, Aaron..." Sebastian whipped his head back around, extending his fingers, allowing the long talons to pierce his flesh and give him his long black claws. Once more, the wind blew, offering some sort of comfort for the beings at the temple. For one of them, it will be the last caress they will ever feel...
Coexists: <s>The monk brought his head up at the sudden clash between silence and banging soared through the air as if purposely disturbing those that dwelled, the sounding cry of birds unleashed alongside the crashing of doors as they hummed through the air, zipping a trail from the trees they were perched, now into the blue sky above, cawking as they flew as though to humiliate the humans that stood below them on the ground. Mako could make out a figure from under his mask, the gaping hole from the eye slits allowed for near perfect vision as if though he were looking with his own eyes with a mask not strapped to his face, before the doorway of the temple, of the now cracked open doors stood a man, tall in stature and stout to his shoulders. He noted the hair, the blonde color of its shine and the length, as though he had seen the man before, though to his memory it was only to posters and rumored tales passed through the lips of traders and traveling farmers that visted the monk's temple north of this land. Yes, Mako had heard the stories of Aaron Havok, any man worth his salt of spinning a tale of wonder to the children and the cries of men soon to depart to war have heard the stories. The legend goes of his dwelving into the affairs of blackmagic, voodoo of ancient origin, the thought alone was enough to send the chilliest of uncomfortable vibes down a man's spine. Mako had the thought to approach the man, though the idea of approaching a man with a reputation and high nobility as such with Aaron's case would be fool hardened, though to much of the monk's diginity he was in awe at the figure before him, as though he had idolized the man for quite some time, warrior alike had attempted to meet the man of legend though many have only met the end of his blade, fool hardy enough to chase the man's lead down and attempt to slay the man they write songs about. Mako respectfully paid his respects, despite what mood the legend's face had appeared to the crowd alike, bags, the lack of sleep taking a toll on his body or as if he had been locked away in study for quite some time. Mako brought his head back up to meet the figure, though that of which stood before him now was not the man he had only moments ago witness come through the doorway, alongside him, a blacked figure, whom's apperance would sicken a man at sight, ill inducing specticle of horrors sprawn out as though a nightmare forged into reality, Mako would not shudder nor surrender ground at the sight of this 'beast'. As the being grew in size, taking the form of a man, standing to the side of Havok, as though a demon urging a human to do his bidding, Mako would allow himself a moment to pay homage to buddha with the idea of what would be fear crept over his shoulder and into his heart. Mako shook what he had experienced in those passing moments, noting that the voice and natural apperance of this man was no ally of his. With a quick upward grip to his hand he pulled the brown coat that was garbed over him off of his body, leaving a fur rabbed vest with a simply tied tunic baring over his chest, the skin of his shoulders was revealed, not glimmering the complexing of his born tone, but rather that of metallic craft, the arms of the man were solid chrome, edged with decorative codex of ancient writings. The shoulders were circling as the hinge holding the foreamrs to the biceps moved smoothly, the same to be said for Mako's wrists and fingers, as though the gauntlets were a natural extension to his natural born body. He would huff a spit of air from his nose, bringing his metallic hand into the air and gripping the brim of his hat, the prayer tags washing over his hand as he removed the hat from his head, revealing his face the top portion of his head, soon followed to be removed from his body that of his mask, pulling it away revealing to Havok the face. He was a slightly bearded man, grum of dirt had edged over his cheeks as the dark brown tint in his eyes appeared to make his eyes swallowed by his face preseneting a natural custom to the lands natural selection, the sun now shining down upon his head, the sweat glisined from his shaved head to the very top of his brow, sprawling down the side of his cheek from the travel before. "Buddha be praised, for once though I may say, legends are not always tales of mystic fantasy, I see that now with my own eyes Aaron Havok" Mako would say, sliding a single leg back into a almost crouching stance. With a moments breathe he slammed his fists together, the meeting of the two metallic confines produced a shrewd screech of metal and spark inducing heat as he brought his left hand back to his chest, turning his body slightly to the right and readying his body for a battle stance, that of which he learned from his temple as a younger more solid man. The stance portrayed his knowledge in the shaolin ways, the northern style of martial arts was solidly apparent. As he huffed, releasing a yell of sorts, "HAAA" as he shouted he
Coexists: shouted he brought his arms forward, swaying them as they despersed and brought them back into a more solid stance from their previous swaying maneuvers. The eyes of Mako were brought forward, sharpening toward Aaron as he crouched lower, preparing for his defense or decidingly making the first move to the mystic creature to his side.<e>
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Tsunami: The tall creature known as Sebastian didn't hesitate as he began to gargle up the thick black ooze that was produced rapidlyy within his stomach. His mouth filled and without warning, an eruption of black sludge poured from his mouth, painting the ground black. The sludge flowed around the two. Creating a hlf inch puddle of black ooze. Aaron now had a twisted and curled smile wrap over his face. He crouched down, holding his sword backward after a quick rotation. The steel blade began to glow with purple energy, flowing about the glinting steel as Aaron glared at the man before him. Among the wind, Aaron's cape continued to flow, whipping in the wind. As Aaron's eyes locked onto the man before him, he spoke softly.... "Celestial....."
Coexists: <s>Mako would watch as the creature raked over, hunched back sprawling over the ground, it's mouth gaping with eerie length, from it's darkened mouth sludges ooze, darkened as a night with little to no moon. He watched as the sludge moved it's way to the ground and flooded a single particular area, it was then that Mako had to realize what he was up against, to best this opponent he would have to overthink the man, brute force alone would not overcome this man, considering his mystic knowledge to summon such dark beings to his aid. Though Mako could only observe the man of flesh, Aaron, to which the dark entity seemed to obey and remain close, without Aaron it would seem that the creature itself would still have lifeforce, though to not much effort, as Aaron himself was the main instrument to summon the creature to this world. Mako reacted, pouncing from his battle stance and erupting the battle finally, after moments of intense eyeing it would get the best of him, if he had not attempted to best his opponent now, he would be in risk of losing the ground that he stood to an attack coming from both the opponents before him. Mako was nothing without his acrobatic manuevers, it allowed him to implement unseen attacks that could come from his jump, landing or midair preperations to move him a step before his opponent in close range combat, for he himself knew without a weapon he poses no such great strength that he could idly stand by to hack at the man with forged weaponary, it would seem, despite his best efforts he would have to rely on brute force after all. With a twirl of his body, he would spring from the ground, producing a multitude of spins over the sludged ground under him and back to the bare tiled ground to spring into his next phase, as he hit the ground he would allow a roll of sorts to break his fall from the over thought jump, with the roll sliding passed his back the heels of his feet made contact with the ground and sending him into the air once more, though the previous movement would make it appear as though he was to be attempting a lower forced attack to their legs, though with hopes he was gambling on tricking his opponents. As he launched into the air he was able to substain his body movement, balancing himself and bringing his feet outward, his left attempting a strike to the head of Aaron Havok, as his right followed by the spin was in path to strike Sebastion as well with the springed attack.<e>

Tsunami: With the man flying toward the duo's heads, Aaron slid his right leg back, applying all of his weight to his right knee. As he did so, he rolled to his right, barely being just out of reach of the attack. While he rolled, Aaron released the purple energy from his blade into his opponents direction, caling out the following word. "Slash!", sending the energy into Mako's direction Sebastianjust stood there, mouth open, he began to vomit more black sludge as he raised both arms up to block the attack. Yes, the impact would most likely harm Sebastian's limbs, but Sebastian was of no use to Havoc once the sludge was out. At everything transpired, small glams of sludge about the side of a basketball began to break away and scatter themselves across the battle field. Littering the ground to look like a polka dotted nightmare.

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Coexists VS Tsunami ((Friendly Spar))
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