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PostSubject: ----------Idea Board----------   ----------Idea Board---------- EmptyFri Feb 20, 2015 9:08 am

° Robotic
°Olde Ireland
°Creepy Pasta
°Video Games?
(Send more to me or anyone else in message for suggestions on what to try next)
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PostSubject: Re: ----------Idea Board----------   ----------Idea Board---------- EmptySat Feb 21, 2015 9:21 am

I had a few ideas actually, I never usually share them considering I am enthralled with the Sinister Seven role-play 24/7. I will share them now and see what everyone thinks.

1.) The first idea was for the role-playing forum I am currently in the works of finalizing (as some of you noticed the advertisement and affiliate image on the right hand side of the forum. It is a role-play that im hoping really work out on removing some of the harsher rulings of role-play that are the usual norm. The idea is simply; creativity.

The rules are very very simple, just no instant killing or being an asshole. It's a space time type situation where everyone can be anything they want in the universe and travel to FAR OUT planets and meet species of all sorts. For instance, if you wanted to be a raunchy sex space pirate who's ship makes up entirely of wood floating through space, acceptable. If you wanted to be a bounty hunter who rides a motorcycle through space with a chimpanzee as a companion while you smoke cigars, awesome, accepted. If you want to be a pineapple, I don't see the compelling narrative you would have, but awesome, accepted.

You can do ABSOLUTELY anything! (How often do you hear that in an official ruling?) You can have weapons, of all sorts, times, eras, make, animal? If you wanted a machine gun cat in your hands, so be it. You want to have a katana that was made by markers, by all means use it. You want to merely beat up people with a spring box boxing glove, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME, and mostly recommended. You can either make friends or travel around in adventure and make up your own story, there is no main follow-it-line.

You are really your own story and you can interact with others along the way. You can be as whacky as you want, you can make anything you imagine come to life in your text and make all these amazing things happen with your friends. It will spark everyone's creativity and give them a break from the running grind of the strict role-playing entirety.

I will send everyone an invite when it is finished up.

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