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 Character Creation: Riokoski Mishetta

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Character Creation: Riokoski Mishetta Empty
PostSubject: Character Creation: Riokoski Mishetta   Character Creation: Riokoski Mishetta EmptyTue Mar 03, 2015 2:40 am


Character Creation: Riokoski Mishetta

by RiokoskiMishetta Today at 4:26 pm

What role does this character play?The 5th person of Sinister7

(Storybased): A long time ago a man Named Benjamin Mishetta confronted a Spirit Animal God that gave him the ability to recieve one animal spirit to help guide him through the ages of Japans wars against the chinese empire in cost of passing down a new animal spirit of one of the guardians to each individual child born by blood or adoption decendant; so on and so on forth until the recycle is broken. Centuries later a boy was adopted and learned martial arts to fight for the thrill of pain and excitement just as his ancestors did 2,000 years ago..

What inspired you to create this character?: To surpass the reputation of Son Goku & Ryu.

What does this character represent to you, if anything?: Hm.. I would say it represents the age of new fighters and originality.


Full Name:Riokoski Mishetta

Pronunciation of their name(first, middle name(s) and last): Rie (like Tie)-Oh-Koe-Skii Me-sheh-Tah

Meaning of their full name: Unfortunately it doesn't mean anything. It is original. Nothing special..

Why did their parents name them this?:Well, their father wasn't much of a fighter and his real mom who had the animal spirit died at giving birth; so she made the name of her spirit animal Riokoskis name and Mishetta was his family name by marriage.

If not parents, what decided their name?:

Why did you, their creator name them this?: Because I thought it sounded cool and I thought giving it a japanese & spanish feel was unique enough.


Nickname(s): Rio, Koski and sometimes Mishetta but thats rare..

Do they enjoy these/this nickname(s)?:Yeah, for the most part. Mishetta for a nickname is weird though but it sort of makes me feel all elderly and what not so I guess its cool.

History behind nickname(s): Rio was given by father and Koski was given by most of my enemies but Mishetta was given by fighters who were well mannered and those were the hell of the fights my character faught in.

Alias(es): Sinister7 Comrades

Before going on with this sheet, take a moment to briefly describe this character as a whole, a character snapshot: 


VirginGender identity: Male

Race/species: Human

Ethnicity:Japanese American

Realm/Universe(Real world, an anime verse, etc.): A anime verse.

Share about this realm(What's considered normal/average/within sanity for this realm/verse): well, its in dark times where wars & chaos unleashs and thats why The Grand Sinister7 Tournament was formed to take all our anger & frustrations out on each other in battle.

Age: 22

How old they appear:20's

Mental age:Wise like a old monk but childish for the thrill of the fights in tournaments and even war at times if its interesting enough.

***Birth date:5/9/1462

Birth place: Kyoto Japan but raised in america after mother died from birth.

Death date:

Death place:


Weight: 222

Are they overweight/underweight?:

If so, why?:

Blood type:B+

Can they bleed?:Yes 

What color is their blood?: Crimson Red

Hair color(s):Dark Brown

Hair length:Short

Dyed?: No.

If so, why is their hair dyed?:

Hair style: Wavy/ Curly

Why?: because my fathers hair is wavy and my mothers is curly and long.

Is their hair healthy?:Yes.

If not, why can it not be maintained?:

How thick?: Thick

Facial hair?:Yes

Well kept?:Yes.

Length:Shaved short


Color:Dark Brown

Body hair?:Yes

Where?:Chest & partially down the middle of the abs.

Well kept?:Yes

Color:Dark brown

Body build(slim, muscular, etc.):Muscular

Body shape(Pear, hourglass, rectangle, etc.):

Body type(medically speaking, see desc for details):Athletic Type

Posture(slouched, correct, etc.):Very well maintained body function presenting mannerism.

Body abnormalities(Cleft lip etc.):Scar on my characters neck going across.

Extra extremities(Another arm, tail, horns etc.):

Does the extremity cripple them or is it helpful?:

Describe how they walk(Fast, slow, weak step, etc.):Heavy feet but back straight between fast & slow but likes taking his time.

Why do they walk this way?:Father taught him.

Do they limp?:No.

Right/left handed(or ambidextrous perhaps?):Right handed

Big hands/small hands/something else?:Big hands

Long fingered/short fingered hands?:Long

Are their nails taken care of(Decently)?:Yes.

If not, why?:

Describe their voice(What range is it for one thing? Alto, tenor, bass, etc.?):\Speech mannerisms(Do they pause a lot, a stutter?:He is quiet until something interests him, he has a deep voice with a stutter if he can not find the word he is looking for at the top of his head.

Describe an outfit they would wear:Martial Arts uniform or traditional japanese wear with pink rose flower designs outside of fighting or war related events.

Why do they have this clothing preference?:Because his martial arts master: Akira Shimo gave him the martial arts outfit before he passed away from sickness and from what his father told him; his mother loved pink roses.

Mental|Spiritual|Emotionalearly childhood(3 - 5):childhood(6 - 9):adolescence/tween(10 - 12):adolescence/teen(13 - 16):teen continued(16 - 18):young adulthood(19 - 25):"official" adulthood(26 - 29):adulthood continued(30 - 40):half century(41 - 51):up and onward(52+):

Personality snapshot:A keep to self type of person until he opens up but ruthless to his enemies who have a dark heart within their souls, he only likes to fight but has a strong protective feel to animals.In depth personality:He can not stand guys who cowar behind women to win a fight or fight dirty so he feels necessary to do whatevers necessary to get the job done but is very apologetic if needed.

Most prominent personality trait:

Best traits of their personality:

Worst traits of their personality:

Jung personality test result:


Current faith(religion):He believes in his teachings until further notice.

If they do have one, why?:

If they don't have one, why?:

Are they strong in it?: Yes, very skeptical.

Do they actively practice it?: Sure.. e.e

Why did they choose this faith?:Because after his master died his father passed away and he took care of himself from there on out using the teachings he learned in his past.

If they didn't choose it, were they forced into it?: Hm.. yeah.

If forced, do they like it now that they're in it?:Yes.

Why do they believe this religious plunge is correct?: He feels theres so much to learn for normal people but he doesnt feel normal per say.

Do they know?:



Do they follow a horoscope/related things?:


What superstitions do they have?: None

If not superstitions, what myths to they tend to cling to as truth?: Spiritual Animal Guidence.

Reasons why they have these odd beliefs:


Good/Evil (on certain events such as death)

Why they chose this path:Forced.

Do they know the outcome of this choice?: Yes but continues to fight on within himself and his enemies.

Do they believe this is right?: He feels he gots to do whatever he got to do to win the fight or war.

If they don't believe it's correct, why do they stay on it?:

Personal quote and(or) motto: Riokoski Mishetta: "Life and death is a two edged sword; I choose only one outcome of this fight."

Reasons behind this motto/quote:
His master used to say it during his fights or the beginning of his fights with great fighters.

Morals(and what they are):
Death of animals is unacceptable, unforgiveable and punishable by death. Death of family and friends is the same.

What defines right and wrong for them?:
Example: "A guy stole money for his fanily to eat" right.
Example B: "A guy stole because he feels like it." Wrong.

Do they hold these morals for religious reasons?:Yes.

Do they hold their definitions of right and wrong above other people's:

Earliest memory:
The death of his mother in faint.

Is this memory important to them?: Yes but confusing because it only appears when he is about to lose a fight.

Do they wish to forget it?:
Sometimes but sometimes he feels his mother is guiding him and it gives him strength to carry on.

Are they glad they remember it?:
Yes, especially in mid battle with a tough opponent whether he wins or loses.

Feel free to add to this part! There are plenty of other situations left for you to describe!

Where they're from:

What country?: Japan

Village: Mulan Village

Backstory(C'mon authors, I know how fun it is to go on about characters, don't wimp out here, oh and feel free to remove this lovely parenthesis noteline, haha):(This is plausibly more relevant to story characters, however, while I recommend that both the backstory and this are filled out, I supposed one could get by by filling out one or the other.)
Riokoski Mishetta moved to america where civil wars were being taken place. Riokoski at the age of sixteen learned about his mothers death and decided to scout the world after his revealed unknowingly past to search for a piece of life that he thought he lost a long time ago. He meets a monk, a talking white tiger & talking black panther who teach him the ways of ying & yang while the monk taught him the way of Tai-chi. He mastered these three things but unfortunately the monk had passed over his lifes work at his time of passing. The monk had died and Rio left for Japan that considerately changed his life by joining a group called The Sinister7. He realizes he met his brother named Fantasia who was adopted as well but surrounded by people who weren't even real to him. Now Riokoski Mishetta as the 5th Sinister7 member battles in war and clashes in tournaments with his enemies in order to reach his true goal and that is to be the greatest fighter ever to exist.

Tell about some major events that happened within these ages...early childhood(3 - 5):childhood(6 - 9):adolescence/tween(10 - 12):adolescence/teen(13 - 16):teen continued(16 - 18):young adulthood(19 - 25):"official" adulthood(26 - 29):adulthood continued(30 - 40):half century(41 - 51):up and onward(52+):

Family background & Family tree:
His father was a Japanese writer while his mother by marriage was a florist.

Describe their upbringing:Did they enjoy their upbringing?:How much does their upbringing effect them in day to day life now?:What did/do they most enjoy about their childhood?:What did/do they most resent about their childhood?:Relationships|Education|FinancesMarital status(Single, married, dating, etc.):Parents:If for some reason they do not have parents, how were they conceived?:How did their parents meet?:How is their relationship with their parents?:Why?:Siblings:Inner circle:Business colleagues/acquaintances:Children of your OC:Are they illegitimate children?: Any grandchildren?:Great grandchildren?:What education level do they have right now?:(Relative to continued education)What college/academy/training do they now attend?:Highest education level completed:What education level would they like to reach?:Dropout?:Up close and personalBiggest fears:How often does this fear take a toll on them?:Biggest hope:Do they depend on this hope?:

Biggest dream/passion:
Retire and open his own florist business.

Biggest regrets:
Killing the enemies he killed to protect the group Sinister7 and himself.

Does this effect their day to day life?:
Hell no.

Largest weaknesses:
Animal hostages or family hostages.

Are they ashamed at all of their weaknesses?:
A little but not really.

Largest strengths:
The flashes of his mother dying on the table, his brother and his dream.

Abilities(As in powers):
To gather chi, ying, yang, life and even dark energy and use it for offense and defense. Can summon a Panda Samurai in Spiritual form within separate from the body.

Rate their power on a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being most powerful in all the universe they're in:

Are these powers inherited generation to generation?:
Yes and no.

Why/why not?:
No Because it was taught to learn chi, ying & yang, dark & life energy from the earth. Yes because the panda is only given to the first & second born child or passed down to a adoptive child through tense training to handle the rejection of the spirit animal.

Special skills(Not meaning powers):
fighting hand to hand combat, strategetic sense, adapts to new environment quick pace and his sense of smell.

Planting flowes and practicing gathering energy.

How do they spend their free time?
What about their non-free time?:

Social skills(Not everyone is a social butterfly or an antisocial individual):

If they aren't skilled socially, how does day to day life go?:
Go to war meetings, go to eat, sleep, join in on tournaments, watch as everyone enjoys their daily life, feed & water his plants.

What's their favorite time of day?:

Because the same thing will happen the next day.

Does this time have anything to do with their upbringing?:

Least favorite time of day:

Because he hates mornings.

First language:

Second language:Third?:Was there an urgent need to learn additional languages?:
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Character Creation: Riokoski Mishetta
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