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 Backing Out!

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PostSubject: Backing Out!   Thu Feb 19, 2015 8:47 am

xInquisitive0 vs Coexist to a death matching. This might not be the death match it's self since xInquisitive0 backed out for the second time. He is a cowards to our group and to our forum and will no longer be welcome within the Sinister Seven territories. Their character is consider death to our group.

Tsunami has joined the chat
Surgeon has joined the chat
darkgabe1221 has joined the chat
AleraMistLancaster has joined the chat
IamENLightened has joined the chat
Vexiix: Hey, boss and Johnny.
Vexiix: c:
Tsunami: He's afk.
AleraMistLancaster: wow this room started to fill didnt it lol
Vexiix: Ah, I see. o: What's going on ?
Tsunami: Speaking about Austin.
IamENLightened: I am not
IamENLightened: Who df is in control den
Vexiix: -Confused.-
Tsunami: Nobody important to any of you.
IamENLightened: A name
Tsunami: Tsunami: Nobody important to any of you.
IamENLightened: Doesnt have to be, a name.
Vexiix: Oh wait.
Tsunami: Ben.
Vexiix: Someone on Austin account.
Tsunami: Call me Ben.
Vexiix: Get off his account.
Vexiix: < . <
Vexiix: Or else.
Tsunami: I'm only here for a short period.
Vexiix: Yeah I'm going to kick you off his account..
Vexiix: Ill be back Johnny c;
Vexiix: No one fucks with mi boss.
Tsunami: He asked me to boot any trouble makers while he was on the toilet.
IamENLightened: um.. ok
AleraMistLancaster: ew lol
Vexiix: Lol.
Vexiix: Okay sounds like him.
darkgabe1221: 437... 210?
Vexiix: Fair enough.
darkgabe1221: get wrecked
AleraMistLancaster: You are fighting bots hun xD
AleraMistLancaster: You cant boast
darkgabe1221: Ik
darkgabe1221: xD
darkgabe1221: this is to easy
AleraMistLancaster: just tell me when you are done
AleraMistLancaster: we will go fight real people
darkgabe1221: Mk
darkgabe1221: -Wants to see how bad I am
darkgabe1221: xD
AleraMistLancaster: Dont worry
AleraMistLancaster: Ill try to keep you alive lol
Surgeon: Gabe? You're affiliated with Alera?
darkgabe1221: K
darkgabe1221: <<
darkgabe1221: Sister.
Surgeon: Well, shit.
darkgabe1221: Why Josh.
Surgeon: I'll recede a few of my students from avoiding her is all, including Ascended and Descended.
DiBatmon has joined the chat
darkgabe1221: Simpler words Josh talking to a teenager whats Recede?
Surgeon: Oh.
AleraMistLancaster: -facepalm- xD
Surgeon: I have a number of my students avoiding lots of people on IMVUz.
darkgabe1221: Alright.
DiBatmon: So
DiBatmon: venting time
Surgeon: So since you're cool with Alera like Ascended and Descended, I don't really want to make it all queer and shit.
AleraMistLancaster: Whats wrong Batmon?
DiBatmon: Tell me how you would feel
DiBatmon: if you worked so hard in skyrim
darkgabe1221: -Nods.-
DiBatmon: and then someone made a new game and overrided yorus
Surgeon: Didn't save, didya?
darkgabe1221: Alright
DiBatmon: yours*
Surgeon: Oh shit.
AleraMistLancaster: xD
Surgeon: Even worse.
AleraMistLancaster: Im sorry
Surgeon: Kill them.
Surgeon: Kill them with fire.
darkgabe1221: And Josh
darkgabe1221: I'm fourteen keep that in mind.
DiBatmon: I almost cried
AleraMistLancaster: If it makes you feel any better Batmon
DiBatmon: And I just bought a DLC too
AleraMistLancaster: I have a save on my skyrim game
AleraMistLancaster: that has me being eaten by a dragon
DiBatmon: lool.\
AleraMistLancaster: cant do anything to get out of it either lol
Surgeon: Which DLC?
AleraMistLancaster: DragonBorn I bet
DiBatmon: The Dawnguard
Surgeon: Oh lord.
DiBatmon: I was gonna get the DragonBorn one
AleraMistLancaster: That one was my favorite
Surgeon: ^
Surgeon: The Crossbow. Mmmmf.<3
AleraMistLancaster: The dawnguard had the longest and best story
darkgabe1221: I'm done playing Skyrim
DiBatmon: RIGHt
DiBatmon: And I enchanted my crossbow
Vexiix: o:
DiBatmon: And named it after me too
DiBatmon: :C
darkgabe1221: I beat Alduin at level 23
Surgeon: I got the best one, Advanced Dwermer. xD
AleraMistLancaster: I never really touched the crossbow
darkgabe1221: After that I got bored.
AleraMistLancaster: I was never a ranged character xD
Surgeon: And then enchanted it like 35 damage or something like that.
AleraMistLancaster: Do you have it on PC Gabe?
Surgeon: Then on top of the exploding darts I kept buying.
DiBatmon: Im gonna fucking powerlevel
darkgabe1221: No, I have Xbox sadly
AleraMistLancaster: Thats why xD
darkgabe1221: or else I would be playing it still
AleraMistLancaster: without mods
AleraMistLancaster: Skyrim sucks dick
DiBatmon: Yeah
DiBatmon: It does
Surgeon: ^ I want to start playing on my computer with mods.
DiBatmon: same
AleraMistLancaster: You are missing out xD
Surgeon: I noticed the graphics are sick.
AleraMistLancaster: all of you
DiBatmon: Im gonna switch to the computer
darkgabe1221: -Trys to hug Josh.-
Surgeon: o .o
DiBatmon: that way
Surgeon: -Grumbles, hugging him awkwardly.-
DiBatmon: shit like this doesnt ever happen again
AleraMistLancaster: Ive got a mod that makes Dragon's an actual threat
AleraMistLancaster: and they attack at random
darkgabe1221: Yataaaaaa.
AleraMistLancaster: and in larger numbers
darkgabe1221: <3
DiBatmon: oh
DiBatmon: And I had just gotten a shit load of Ebony items
AleraMistLancaster: Got like 3-5 dragons on your ass
darkgabe1221: My friend has a mod where the fucking armys acctually patrol and it seems like a war is acctually going on
darkgabe1221: o-o
AleraMistLancaster: shit is insane Razz
darkgabe1221: Alera
AleraMistLancaster: I havent touched skyrim in awhile tho
darkgabe1221: Arena or what?
darkgabe1221: o3o
AleraMistLancaster: but this is making want to xD
AleraMistLancaster: Im down for anything
AleraMistLancaster: just invite me
darkgabe1221: k
DiBatmon: Well
DiBatmon: I vented
DiBatmon: So I'm better
darkgabe1221: How do you play joust
darkgabe1221: e.e
AleraMistLancaster: Same thing as usual
AleraMistLancaster: Kill people and towers
darkgabe1221: Mk
AleraMistLancaster: the goal is to take out their titan
darkgabe1221: -Sagenod.-
AleraMistLancaster: and talk to me on there
AleraMistLancaster: so we dont have to go back and forth xD
darkgabe1221: Okik
Descended has joined the chat
darkgabe1221: Playing smite with Alera won't talk much
KnightsRequiem has joined the chat
KnightsRequiem has left the chat
xInquisitive0 has joined the chat
darkgabe1221: oh is it time?
xTheLunarCyclex has joined the chat
xInquisitive0: No .
xInquisitive0: I said 10 pm
xInquisitive0: Usa central time .
Descended: -Nods.-
xInquisitive0: Diemas is my judge .
Descended: I'm no longer your judge? FINE. -Pretends to weep.-
darkgabe1221: thought you said ana
Descended: Better for me.
Vexiix: Woot so the spar still going to take place. Very Happy
Descended: I can just spectate.
Tsunami: Dm.
Vexiix: Oh, death match Very Happy
Descended: I wish you both luck.
darkgabe1221: ditto
xInquisitive0: Diesmas will be my judge .
xInquisitive0: Diemas*
xInquisitive0: And if there is to much people in their we will be waiting .
xInquisitive0: As for the time .
xInquisitive0: 12 am .
xInquisitive0: As we are both having shit done .
Tsunami: The fight will be here.
xInquisitive0: So if you guys are not hapy with it deal with it .
xInquisitive0: And yeah it will happen here .
darkgabe1221: Lets be nice Yumi
Tsunami: Lmfao.
xInquisitive0: Gabe I didnt talk to you .
darkgabe1221: And now we turn it into a crime for asking to be nice.
darkgabe1221: .-.
Descended: Enough you two.
xInquisitive0: Yoou guys wil wait t'ill 12 am when both Diemas and I will be getting shit done .
darkgabe1221: yes Sir.
darkgabe1221: Alera I'm crashing
AleraMistLancaster: you mean lagging?
darkgabe1221: Nope
darkgabe1221: Crashed
AleraMistLancaster: ah
darkgabe1221: -Restarts the game.-
AleraMistLancaster: tyt
AleraMistLancaster: and this time lol
AleraMistLancaster: let me be mage
darkgabe1221: kk
xTheLunarCyclex has left the chat
xTheLunarCyclex has joined the chat
darkgabe1221: -Facepalms.-
darkgabe1221: I'm dumb
AleraMistLancaster: lol
AleraMistLancaster: its fine
darkgabe1221: -Didin't think about it.-
darkgabe1221: Hades farms minions right?
Vexiix: Inquisitive please take your shoes off on the mat. It's rude to not take your shoes off in the dojo.
Vexiix: < . < Why is everyone wearing shoes in the dojo ?
Vexiix: Tisk tisk.
IamENLightened: i got nenderthal feet
Vexiix: Thank you.
Vexiix: -Wearing socks.-
AleraMistLancaster: no hades doesnt xD
AleraMistLancaster: He is a tank
darkgabe1221: Dx
darkgabe1221: 3 kills...
darkgabe1221: Thats baddddd
AleraMistLancaster: Who do you normally use?
darkgabe1221: Ra.
darkgabe1221: xD
AleraMistLancaster: He is the noob character tho xD
darkgabe1221: I like him doe
darkgabe1221: I also have Agni
AleraMistLancaster: He is the character everyone uses at first
darkgabe1221: Or whatever hes called
AleraMistLancaster: Swagni Agni lol
AleraMistLancaster: start up another game
darkgabe1221: Crashed again
AleraMistLancaster: maybe we can end our lose streak
AleraMistLancaster: its fine
darkgabe1221: Lol
darkgabe1221: maybe
AleraMistLancaster: im going to log out
AleraMistLancaster: and back in
darkgabe1221: who do you want me to lose
AleraMistLancaster: I was lagging a bit
darkgabe1221: use*
darkgabe1221: not lose
AleraMistLancaster: use whoever you want..
darkgabe1221: use
darkgabe1221: Ummmm
darkgabe1221: I will try and learn how to use Agni?
AleraMistLancaster: you will find someone you can used to
AleraMistLancaster: ok
darkgabe1221: yup
darkgabe1221: o3o
AleraMistLancaster: ok getting back on now
darkgabe1221: kk
darkgabe1221: hangon
darkgabe1221: getting something
AleraMistLancaster: tyt
darkgabe1221: -Wants the Ra skin.-
IamENLightened: brb.
darkgabe1221: kk
darkgabe1221: tyt
AleraMistLancaster: tyt
IamENLightened: back
AleraMistLancaster: wb'
darkgabe1221: wb
darkgabe1221: lunar
darkgabe1221: she doesen't like gits
xInquisitive0 has left the chat
Surgeon: Goodnight everyone.
Surgeon has left the chat
xTheLunarCyclex: What?
Descended: -Eyetwitch.-
xTheLunarCyclex: o.o
darkgabe1221: ANA
darkgabe1221: YOU
darkgabe1221: CHEATING
darkgabe1221: FUCK
AleraMistLancaster: Gabe
AleraMistLancaster: pick a character
darkgabe1221: Huh >>
darkgabe1221: I crashed again
AleraMistLancaster: lol
AleraMistLancaster: fuckin A
VChaosV has joined the chat
AleraMistLancaster: sorry
AleraMistLancaster: send it again
VChaosV: Hello everyone..
darkgabe1221: Hao [erspm
darkgabe1221: Do you need a hug?
darkgabe1221: Hai perso*
darkgabe1221: PERSON*
Tsunami: Hello, Chaos.
xTheLunarCyclex: Gabe, you suck.
VChaosV: Sup Aaron and no thank you, I dont like hugs from..strangers.
darkgabe1221: Alright
Tsunami: Killing time until this Deathmatch happens.
Tsunami: IF it happens.
darkgabe1221: 30 more minutes I do believe
VChaosV: So you guys spoken to my friend Drax?
Tsunami: Mhm.
Tsunami: Yupp.
Tsunami: He wants to fight the sinister Seven.
Tsunami: And possibly join.
VChaosV: Hehehehehehe...I must warn all of you, he is no joke....highly dangerous *grins* You will have fun fighting Drax...
AleraMistLancaster: eh...
darkgabe1221: Meh.
darkgabe1221: o3
darkgabe1221: o3o
xTheLunarCyclex: This is a long wait.
Tsunami: I think it will be fun.
darkgabe1221: Well you came two hours early. <<
darkgabe1221: Least me and Alera had something to entertain us
Tsunami: As long as he's not a long winded poster that feels the need to describe how many birds he just saw in the sky and what he ate for breakfast.
AleraMistLancaster: Still looking for a third judge tsu?
VChaosV has left the chat
xTheLunarCyclex: I didn't come 2 hours early- Gabriel.
darkgabe1221: <<
darkgabe1221: It starts at ten my time
darkgabe1221: you got here around 8
darkgabe1221: its 9:30
AleraMistLancaster: if he wont fight you
AleraMistLancaster: I will x)
AleraMistLancaster: sound good?
darkgabe1221: You came 2 hours early...
xTheLunarCyclex: No, I got here at 9:30- in my time.
darkgabe1221: <<
darkgabe1221: 8:30 my time
darkgabe1221: a hour and a half early
Tsunami: 9:3 my time.
Tsunami: Fucking zero key
darkgabe1221: Its 9:32 your time <<
IamENLightened: I can judge
darkgabe1221: not 9:30
xTheLunarCyclex: *Pulls on his ear* Shh.. twin.
darkgabe1221: Fineeee.
Tsunami: Two fucking minutes off.
Tsunami: Boo hoo.
darkgabe1221: o3o
IamENLightened: acctually fuck it.. i am judging
darkgabe1221: I thought you were ENLightened.
darkgabe1221: o-o
darkgabe1221: K I'm done
AleraMistLancaster: well jeez
AleraMistLancaster: ive been offering for ours xD
AleraMistLancaster: and he gets it just like that
AleraMistLancaster: perks of being a member I guess lol
darkgabe1221: >>
IamENLightened: already offered yesterday
xTheLunarCyclex: <o<
darkgabe1221: All the siblings are sitting together.
darkgabe1221: o-o
darkgabe1221: Just realized.
xTheLunarCyclex: Yes, we are.
AleraMistLancaster: eh not really
AleraMistLancaster: Im not considered part of the family till they are done with their training
darkgabe1221: Ah.
darkgabe1221: Nvm then
darkgabe1221: o3o
AleraMistLancaster: lol
darkgabe1221: Surprised
darkgabe1221: Lunarrrr
xTheLunarCyclex: Yes?
darkgabe1221: Hi
xTheLunarCyclex: Hi
xTheLunarCyclex: *Stares at him*
darkgabe1221: -Stares back.- HI!
xTheLunarCyclex: *Stares at him blankly.* Hello
darkgabe1221: >>
darkgabe1221: -Walks off poofing.-
xTheLunarCyclex: *Is confused.*
darkgabe1221: POOOOOOOOF
darkgabe1221: Acctually
darkgabe1221: no
xTheLunarCyclex: *Tugs his ears*
darkgabe1221: If I poof I won't be able to get back in
darkgabe1221: Nuhhh
darkgabe1221: Lunar dunnn
xTheLunarCyclex: *Does it more*
xTheLunarCyclex: Oh shh.. twin.
darkgabe1221: Nuh
darkgabe1221: -Squirms.-
VChaosV has joined the chat
AleraMistLancaster: wb
xTheLunarCyclex: *Smirks and continues tugging on them, teasingly.*
xTheLunarCyclex: Nu, twinny.
darkgabe1221: Nuuuuh Twiiin dun
VChaosV: Anywho...
xTheLunarCyclex: *Giggles, and does it more.*
darkgabe1221: -Dies.-
xTheLunarCyclex: hurhurhur.
darkgabe1221: -He stands up, swinging his leg at lunars bum.-
darkgabe1221: -Leg to bum she would be launched to the other side of the room.-
VChaosV: .-.
darkgabe1221: -OOC.-
darkgabe1221: Afk
xTheLunarCyclex: Yeah, yeah- go on AKF.
xTheLunarCyclex: <o<
xTheLunarCyclex: AFK*
AleraMistLancaster: AKF?
AleraMistLancaster: Ass killing fuckers
VChaosV: . . .
AleraMistLancaster: You laughed
AleraMistLancaster: dont try to hide it
darkgabe1221: Chaos
darkgabe1221: Whats wrong
xInquisitive0 has joined the chat
VChaosV: Aaron im gonna go in IC for a moment..if you dont mind..
Vexiix: Welcome back.
VChaosV: Also wb
Coexists has joined the chat
xInquisitive0: Well anyway .
darkgabe1221: ten minutes early.
darkgabe1221: Cool.
xInquisitive0: I'm not even doing this shit .
xInquisitive0: Because we said 10 pm
Coexists: Pardon?
darkgabe1221: -Table flip.-
xInquisitive0: And I let 12 am .
Coexists: It's 9:50, and I had late getting off work.
xInquisitive0: So whatever .
Coexists: You won't cheat me.
xInquisitive0: And I'm annoyred right now .
xInquisitive0: N II will lick you .
Coexists: Ready when you are.
xInquisitive0: No I will lick you .
Tsunami: Reality comes first.
Coexists: Also, I trust there will be no metagaming.
Tsunami: Always.
Coexists: Please, step into the ring so we may begin.
VChaosV: Oh a fight, how exciting...^o^
Descended: Hm.
darkgabe1221: Meow.
Descended: Feeding the flames...
Tsunami: Who has first post?
xTheLunarCyclex: *farts, silently*
Coexists: An greed upon deathmatch for death of character, 10pm, consider I made the time. We may begin.
xTheLunarCyclex: LOL
xTheLunarCyclex: I had to let the bomb out.
xTheLunarCyclex: ^0^
Coexists: 6
darkgabe1221: Am I disgusting Daddy?
Coexists: ^*
Tsunami: Please stop all chatter.
Descended: YOU ARE--
Descended: Yes, Tsunami.
darkgabe1221: Yes Sir.
Coexists: In good sport, I will allow you to post first Inquisitive.
VChaosV: Good luck to the both of you...
Coexists: ---------DM--------------
Tsunami: Let the two discuss their terms of the match.
Descended: [Since Inquisitive doesn't want to fight him anymore. May I?]
Coexists: (I scheduled for Inquisitive.)
Tsunami: ((Inq backed out?))
Descended: [Unf.]
Coexists: (It more for me than his pride or annoyance.)
Descended: [He's annoyed at the moment.]
Tsunami: ((Excuses.))
Coexists: (Pre-scheduled. He loses his character upon defaulted defeat.)
darkgabe1221: [But, you shouldn't back out of a fight... not in a DM]
Coexists: (He must fight)
Descended: [Hm.
Tsunami: ((This is true.))
Coexists: (I've waited, and allowed an opportune time since yesterday, I have been more than fair.)
VChaosV: ((While I agree if he if not mentally stable to participate..it may hinder him yes?))
Tsunami: ((Inq has thirty minutes.))
Descended: [I'm practically challenging you and you're saying no? What type of sport is that?]
Coexists: ((10))
Coexists: ((Inquisitive challeneged as well, what kind of sport is that?))
darkgabe1221: [Oi, Dad don't taunt..]
Tsunami: ((Des.))
VChaosV: (I agree with Aaron, give him time he may come around)
Descended: [This isn't about inquisitive now. I wish to test my abilities.]
Coexists: ((You can spar me after our match, I have more than enough energy for two bouts this evening.)
Descended: [Spar?]
Coexists: ((If it means all the same to you.))
Descended: [Hm.]
Descended: [Very well.]
Tsunami: ((Thank you, Des.))
Coexists: ((Such as I have, and thank you for the understanding.))
darkgabe1221: [Daddeh... you have school .-. ]
Descended: [-Nods.-]
Tsunami: ((Alright, now if you all will. Take OCC banter to another room.))
Coexists: ((Inquisitive, in good sport, thirty minutes have been added to our timer. I hope you are feeling better upon that time.))
Achiima has joined the chat
darkgabe1221: [Reality before RP you should focus on scho-]
Descended: [And you should butt out.]
Descended: [i]
Ascended has joined the chat
VChaosV: ((Aaron, when do you all plan on fighting Drax?))
Tsunami: Tsunami: ((Alright, now if you all will. Take OCC banter to another room.))
Tsunami: ((I will not ask again.))
Descended: [Forgive me. I'll be silent now.]
VChaosV: >.< sorry..
Achiima has left the chat
Coexists: ((Shall we go over the judges?))
Descended: [-Raises hand.-]
Vexiix: ((I am the grandmaster judge. Ill be following the rules of the Carrendars/IMVu http://www.imvu.com/groups/group/Roleplayer%2527s%2BBio%2BCentral/))
Vexiix: IMVU*))
Descended: [........]
Descended: [-Lowers hand.-]
Descended has left the chat
VChaosV: Ive never seen a man pout before *grins*
Coexists: ((Perhaps crashed?))
VChaosV: ((that too o.o))
darkgabe1221: ((Descended is a female. .-.))
Coexists: ((I agree with the rules, they are set forth and solid in foundation. Both easy to follow and most understand the concept.)
VChaosV: .-.
VChaosV: That reminds me, Aaron I need to speak with you about an important matter when you have the time..if thats alright.
Tsunami: Go ahead and invite.
Vexiix: ((20 minute warning even more since this was a death match challenge started by "xInquisitive0" If you do not post within that time. It will be stated that you have defeated and your character will be consider dead in the IMVU role-play world.))
xInquisitive0: ( Oh you can I will just use my second one morfo )
xInquisitive0: ( this isnt my principle character )
xInquisitive0: ( Ayaaa . )
InfinityImplosion has joined the chat
Coexists: ((Whichever you please Inquisitive, if you have multiple characters you can pick whichever you feel most comfortable.))
xTheLunarCyclex: ((That is her noobish character.))
VChaosV: ((see told you he'd come around))
InfinityImplosion: (-waves and goes to eat popcorn-)
Tsunami: ((No more invites.))
Tsunami: ((The room is going to lag.))
AleraMistLancaster: (ill lower my kbs)
DiBatmon: (Mother fuck)
DiBatmon: (What happened while I was AFk?0
Tsunami: ((Inq refuses to fight because there are too many people.))
Tsunami: ((Who is going to leave?))
Vexiix: ((You may use any character you wish as long as it's on the account you used to challenge "Coexists"))
darkgabe1221 has left the chat
xInquisitive0: ( I'm annoyed here because We havent started shit
xInquisitive0: the room is lagging
Vexiix: ((PC? ))
xInquisitive0: and you guys keep on inviting people
Coexists: ((I suggested that you post first, whenever you are ready.))
xInquisitive0: And me and Diemas are getting pissed off
InfinityImplosion: (Whoever has the mech is likely making it lag.)
Vexiix: ((I think that will be best for you both to be in a room alone with the judges.))
xInquisitive0: so right now
xInquisitive0: I'm fucking out
xInquisitive0: And whatever grand judge
xInquisitive0: you are
Coexists: ((Private chat it is.))
xInquisitive0: fuck this
xInquisitive0 has left the chat
Vexiix: Someone upset that I was following the IMVU role-play rules.
VChaosV: . . .
Coexists: ((I am sending an invite to a private chat, there will be no lag there. Nor, any reason for excuse.))
IamENLightened: ((5 minutes remaining))
DiBatmon: There are rules!?
DiBatmon: ew
Vexiix: http://www.imvu.com/groups/group/Official%2BRoleplay%2BRules%2B%2528GA%2529/
Vexiix: Always rules to role-play death match.
DiBatmon: omg... wow
DiBatmon has left the chat
VChaosV: Heh...
Coexists: This is really upsetting, I thought more of someone who initates a challenge.
Ascended: ((Technically nobody has posted in. Therefore nobody wins nobody loses. This isn't the UO. Backing down from a fight or being irritated and not wishing to fight further is not Illegal))
xTheLunarCyclex: ((She is also Skyping us.
Vexiix: ((Incorrect.))
xTheLunarCyclex: ))*
Coexists: ((We agreed upon this, yesterday. I will take no more excuses, they have ran dry.))
Tsunami: Tell her that people are leaaving.
xTheLunarCyclex: Okay.
Tsunami: Who else will be leaving?
Ascended: ((Incorrect my ass. I know the rules. She has not posted in.))
Coexists: ((I shame the family she trains under.))
Ascended: ((She trains under no family.))
Coexists: ((Then I shame her alone.))
Vexiix: ((He challenge Coexisits to a "Death Match" he's the one that came up with the date and time. So you are incorrect.))
Ascended: ((So? No official posting has happened. The characters have not engaged in any combat. There are options this isn't soviet fucking russia.))
InfinityImplosion: (The number of people in a room do not affect how much it lags except when those people's avatars are loading. What effects lag are processes that each individual avi contains. This is why moving animations cause lag, because their processes are rather heavy and computers with low RAM or a low end GPU will have trouble running them. Just, felt like it needed to be said in case some didn't understand why lag happens.)
Coexists: ((Why deny the challenge, both yesterday and today. As well as the night it was challenge.))
IamENLightened: ((1 Minute Remaining))
Vexiix: ((^))
Ascended: ((It doesn't matter. Thats not illegal.))
Coexists: ((No, cowardly.))
Ascended: ((But not illegal))
Vexiix: ((^))
Coexists: ((So I must agree with you in some sense Ascended.))
InfinityImplosion: (Hence why for me, lag hasn't gone down at all since I entered the room despite a few people leaving, the animations in the room are causing the lag.)
InfinityImplosion: (And yeah, getting rid of the mech helped a ton lol.)
Vexiix: ((That's why the spar its self was going to be moved to a PC.))
Tsunami: ((There's only so much I can do.))
Coexists: ((The private chat I have offered, five times will offer no such lag.))
Vexiix: ((Spar/DM.))
InfinityImplosion: (It's okies ^.^.)
IamENLightened: ((should we extend the time Jen?))
IamENLightened: ((Time limit has been reached))
Vexiix: ((Why not.))
Coexists: ((Why? So she can back out once more and waste more of my time?))
Coexists: ((I will continue to wait, this will happen sooner or later.))
VChaosV: ((Is there some sort of consequence for backing out of a DM?))
Coexists: ((Shame.))
Vexiix: ((Oh day or another. If someone up for big talk they better do the walk. ))
Tsunami: Looking like a bitch.
Coexists: ((^))
QuincyBowers has joined the chat
Vexiix: ((^))
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PostSubject: Re: Backing Out!   Sun Apr 12, 2015 5:32 am

xInquisitive0 has joined the chat
Guest_kyliebur has joined the chat
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PsychoticCorruption: "Hey Yumi." :3
Guest_prettyonfleek620 has left the chat
Lunarican has joined the chat
xInquisitive0: Hi .
PsychoticCorruption: "How are you?"
Guest_Harry01298 has joined the chat
Lunarican: Hihi.
eapudaeapuda WhisperAdd Friend: Hi^^
xInquisitive0: ok .
xInquisitive0: Apparently now people start to have their own lifes .
PsychoticCorruption: "What?" o3o
eapuda: lol
xInquisitive0: I'm good .
xInquisitive0: And you ? .
Lunarican: xD
xInquisitive0: lol .
Guest_Harry01298 has left the chat
xInquisitive0: <.<
Lunarican: >o>
xInquisitive0: I'm just lol ..
Lunarican: ;3
PsychoticCorruption: "You alright, you're acting sort of strange." o3o
Kiizan has left the chat
xInquisitive0: ' Should I '
Lunarican: OOoo, fancy room.
Poisonedbear has left the chat
xInquisitive0: Right .
Lunarican: Oml, the things from the ceiling are going to take me away from reality in a few moments.
PsychoticCorruption: "Yumi."
PsychoticCorruption: "I heard you were a legendary role player?" o;
xInquisitive0: From ..
PsychoticCorruption: "From the United Order."
Lunarican: *Zones out.*
xInquisitive0: oh so you talk to them ..
PsychoticCorruption: "Not often."
Lunarican: *Drools at the floaty things.*
PsychoticCorruption: "But... I've always wished to fight you."
xInquisitive0: I see .. this room ...
xInquisitive0: You will have to wait for cos I have schedules already ..
PsychoticCorruption: "I can schedule one for right now today?"
xInquisitive0: In two days . Tuesday ..
xInquisitive0: I can .. today nope I won't be online ..
PsychoticCorruption: "You are online right now dear."
xInquisitive0: And I'm having already a spar .
xInquisitive0: So tuesday that's the only one .
PsychoticCorruption: "I've asked to fight with you several times."
PsychoticCorruption: "And you never accepted them."
xInquisitive0: ' yeah and then you disspared -
PsychoticCorruption: "Hours later after I asked."
PsychoticCorruption: "Every single time."
xInquisitive0xInquisitive0 WhisperAdd Friend: Every single time
xInquisitive0: are you serious
xInquisitive0: you just came back and then you are telling me that
PsychoticCorruption: "I... Amythiest Verdulen Såvage, challenge you to a deathmatch."
xInquisitive0: lol .
PsychoticCorruption: "T-1, full power."
PsychoticCorruption: "Novella."
xInquisitive0: I had more issues to get rid off .
xInquisitive0: As for example Tsunami .
PsychoticCorruption: "Ah."
PsychoticCorruption: "Havoc Valor."
xInquisitive0xInquisitive0 WhisperAdd Friend: Oh laugh .
PsychoticCorruption: "You mean his partner?"
PsychoticCorruptionPsychoticCorruption Whisper: Coexistance?"
Vexiix: Coexist*
xInquisitive0: Yeah . Well you shoud know from now I'm part of the Unknown Order
Vexiix: The ones that came to the room and ran off.
PsychoticCorruptionPsychoticCorruption Whisper: "Then stop stalling and face me."
Vexiix: They were adorable.
xInquisitive0: Waouh .
xInquisitive0: There we are again .
xInquisitive0xInquisitive0 WhisperAdd Friend: Funny .
PsychoticCorruption: "You always stalled."
Vexiix: Oh ?
Vexiix: Funny, how so ?
xInquisitive0: HATS FUNNY ;
PsychoticCorruption: "Hurry up and stop running."
PsychoticCorruption: "Like a coward in the shadows."
xInquisitive0: Hey auntie monster
xInquisitive0: don't even go that way
PsychoticCorruptionPsychoticCorruption Whisper: "I just did."
PsychoticCorruptionPsychoticCorruption Whisper: "Me. You. Right now."
xInquisitive0xInquisitive0 WhisperAdd Friend: Well lets say I better see you die in real then on here
PsychoticCorruptionPsychoticCorruption Whisper: "Is that a threat?"
Lunarican: She has a spar that she has to prepare for.
xInquisitive0: It is .
Vexiix: Hope you don't back down from that one.
Vexiix: Like you did the other.
xInquisitive0xInquisitive0 WhisperAdd Friend: Oh like I did the other .
PsychoticCorruption: "Seems more cowardace than I once knew her as."
Vexiix: "Room was to full."
xInquisitive0: I had fun with Tsunami
PsychoticCorruption: LOL
Vexiix: XD Sure you did sweetie.
xInquisitive0xInquisitive0 WhisperAdd Friend: get ride off him was really easy although he came back in
Vexiix: Logs?
Lunarican: We should check in with Killer now, shouldn't we Yumi?
PsychoticCorruptionPsychoticCorruption Whisper: Looks at her watch.~
xInquisitive0: We should .
PsychoticCorruptionPsychoticCorruption Whisper: "Mistress."
xInquisitive0: What I like about them is how they continue on
Lunarican: All right, let's go then.
Vexiix: Continue on ?
Lunarican: Come on Yumi, Killer is waiting.
PsychoticCorruption: "Tsunami would love to hear this."
xInquisitive0: If you want to get into this way check with Mystery .
xInquisitive0: And I'm happy that we met again .
xInquisitive0: Should ask lulipopz how all her little group die .
PsychoticCorruption: "Coming from the one who backed down from a fight."
xInquisitive0: In real .
xInquisitive0: Backed down from a fight oh no .
xInquisitive0: I jusr didnt .
PsychoticCorruption: Henceforth, upon this day. The "role-playing" user as called xInquisitive has shunned herself and associates. As of 02/16/2015 a challenge was initiated toward a Sinister Seven member known as Coexists. A dispute originally over their childish behavior in a strict role-playing room escalated into a heated dispute of the separate party and challenged said Sinister Seven member. Coexist made several attempts to contact and arrived at the AGREED upon time and date to start the challenged. After several excuses presented by xInquisitive, she, upon this day is marked DEAD as a character and is banned from the role-playing room of participation. Shame over her and the false threats she sends forth. We issue this as a warning to role-players wishing participation in death matches that this member will waste time in the challenge
xInquisitive0: But see what was so funny is that I had screen share with Diemas LuNAR Hanbei and Fatale
xInquisitive0: Ascended and descended
xInquisitive0: We did enjoyed it
Lunarican: Yes, she did.
xInquisitive0: Seen you people ..
xInquisitive0: I did send the log out and the screenshot of the room when I was in .
xInquisitive0: And as for actual threats this is open threat for you precious life .
xInquisitive0: I had a fun .
xInquisitive0: really .
PsychoticCorruption: "Well let us have fun right here."
PsychoticCorruption: "Let us see who stands now."
xInquisitive0: ' right here cos you can see
xInquisitive0: no shit
xInquisitive0: lol
PsychoticCorruption: "Still hiding in the shadows?"
Lunarican: She has another spar soon, and she has to prepare herself.
PsychoticCorruption: "And trying to escape it?"
Lunarican: Got mine.
xInquisitive0: NO
PsychoticCorruption: "Still preparing for your spar?"
PsychoticCorruption: "Oh..."
Guest_unicorn535 has joined the chat
PsychoticCorruption: "Is Hanbei... my sons ex brother watching?"
PsychoticCorruption: "Shippki."
PsychoticCorruption: :3
Vexiix: Take care girly ^ - ^
PsychoticCorruption: "They can screen share and print screen all they want."
Lunarican: Lovely, we need to prepare you, and check in with Killer in the meantime.
xInquisitive0: yeah lets go .
PsychoticCorruption: "I'd much rather side with Tsunami than worthless ones like you." ^^
xInquisitive0 has left the chat
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PostSubject: Re: Backing Out!   Sun Apr 12, 2015 5:41 am

This is no surprise to me, she has a continuous, almost habitual, habit of backing down from on the spot fights. If she would duck out of a pre-scheduled fight, she would most certainly skip out on one that was thrown on her.

I guess she is much too busy backing off from role-playing spars to schedule any more to back out of.

I want to hit her in the face, with a brick...a big brick.
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PostSubject: Re: Backing Out!   

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Backing Out!
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