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PostSubject: S7 FAN PICS    S7 FAN PICS  EmptyThu Feb 19, 2015 8:37 am

S7 Fan Pics

Big fan of the Sinister Seven ? Or, even a huge fan of one of the members.
Want to show your good looks off and show support to this amazing wonderful group.
Alright this what you do. Grab a mark/pen you can write some where on yourself or even write on a piece of paper.  
Write down the Sinister Seven or even the member you are supporting hold it up and take a picture and send it in ! Very Happy This is for fun and to also show how much you love the Sinister Seven and all their wonderful 7 members.  You can even leave little messages, even quotes on your picture, or even out side your picture for example the pictures below.

I <3 each and every member of the Sinister Seven <3 Vexiix
S7 FAN PICS  29xd6j7

Meowww S7 are some sexii members <3
S7 FAN PICS  9k1hew

<3 S7 4life.
S7 FAN PICS  Egtx87

Remember this is for fun and to show to support <3
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