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PostSubject: Lao Wong, Kota Blackwing   Lao Wong, Kota Blackwing EmptySat Feb 14, 2015 3:19 am

KotaBlackwing: -Jagiel a knight of the olden kin was only half the infamous knight he was in his glory days due to his use of anti necro energy cosuming the whole right side of his body; this was replaced by his armour eh adorned known as 'mejainhite.' Mejainhite was a ore fount beneath the abyssal caves of milfourn; this being the lower levels of castle mienjaiur. This armour had a strnage property due to how long it had time wise to enrinchen in vasts surpless of miasma; this armour could crack and shatter but the thing to the armour it could slowly replace it's self over timea vertain amount of times and morph and change,this armour was shaped and smelted to look like dragon scales pointing outwards frilling out; as if they were like fluffed dragons. alongside with leggins, However;the whole other half of his body still had the fluff and acutal dragon scales but both reasmbled each other. upon further inspect his whole back side had thin white spines leading all the way down his spinal colomun. this was due to the construct was infused into his spinal cord all the way down to his hip bone; the tail leavign a trail and length of seven foot long outwards; it been thin and swift at the tip while towards the start it was thick and ehavy; this snake like tail had razor sharp like feathers and quills all along it; though the snake head was scaled. this is why Jagiel was called the beast of the night. this construct being in his spinal coloum did come at it's prices much like he could only stand upwards for acertain amount of time due to it caused tension and was difficult due to his manticore like tail. Jagiel was now standing up straight he stood at eight foot tall now; his complextion was medioum build based; the only wepoun eh adorned was his tail;quills;feathers and his raw strength and some of his magic which took time to charge. a huge porrtal would open in the middle of the skies as he gently glided down on the wings of the abyss; these wings slowed the rate of his descent; when he hit the ground he would yawn and hunch over as inhaled the air slowly. the air was fresh and easy; rain began tot reckle upon his ehad after the protal closed as he sat in the meadow purring like a kitty cat; moments after he woudl release a high pitched screech which could be ehard echoing for miles awaitign a challanger.-

IamENLightened: *The technomancer known as Lao Wong is wondering the streets of a medieval village traveling the world looking for other people to help volunteer and possibly hire for his projects, he was one to travel the world to his own liking since his guardian who looks up to as a father gives him the resources to see new lands and learn from them. Lao, fairly average sized man standing at 5’ 9” with a moderately built form. Blue eyes covered by a very odd visor, a way he enhances sight through being able to look at every form of light ranging from radio waves to Gamma waves. Though his body was average his armor gave him a rather bulky look, an armored chest plate made of solid tungsten carbide, an extremely durable alloy that rivals and almost trumps steel. Aside from the chest plate the rest of his clothing was made of rubber resistant to Fire and Ice reinforced with carbon nanotubes giving it extremely light weight but almost impenetrable defenses. His weapons were that of a solid tungsten carbide retractable katana with 2 extra blades hidden in the hilt if one becomes broken, a High Caliber pistol loaded with Armor piercing ammo that can shred its victim on the inside with 2 extra magazines on the holster, and a gauntlet that gives him remarkable abilities. His abilities almost solely based upon kinetic energy which is why they call him The Meteor since his abilities range around Kinetic energy. Though his defenses are already superb his main ability that being known as a kinetic barrier, a barrier that can repel and reflect on coming attacks with the same amount of energy but deflects nearly every form of kinetic energy at a cost of the energy of the barrier to become more fragile the more Lao is attacked, Luckily for him it can replenish but takes a considerable amount of time. His favorite ability deals with him moving around the battle field almost similar to teleporting, the flash stepping however is short ranged and cannot exceed 10 meters, the down side to him using his teleportation is him losing some of his barrier as he moves around but can continuously use the flash step but that will cause his shields to be delayed on recharge for a longer amount of time. The gauntlet is a way he is given these abilities but it’s not a form of armor it is a weapon, since it is a weapon he is able to shoot energy of the barrier out through the palm of his hand, when the beam of energy strikes a surface the end of the beam explodes similar to a grenade, but some of his abilities it causes his barrier to drain, he will only be able to use 5 shots of the beam before his barrier is completely depleted. His barrier depletes the more he attacks with his energy, one ability gives him an edge that can cause his barrier to completely restore, a signature move of his known as the kinetic slam, 3 extra layers add to his barrier giving him nearly impenetrable defenses for a short few seconds increasing his mass, then a blast of kinetic energy then boosts him forward at high speed enough to blast through thick stone like a battering ram, but as he makes contact with the opponent the barriers explode as well excluding the inner most one, the blast from the barriers only doubles the force of the energetic tackle and fully recharges his barrier but takes a large time window to reuse. His sword being his main weapon, can be given add effects with his gauntlet, his gauntlet gives the sword when slashed in Lao’s off hand a shockwave effect with nearly Three thousand five hundred pounds of force when slashed, though strong the attack is quite slow only traveling at about as fast as 20 miles per hour and can only travel a total distance of 30 meters effectively the plus side to the shock wave is its area of effect of 10 meters in diameter when blasted, this ability can wear him down quite a lot taking out half his shields for a blow that strong. Regardless of his defenses it does not hold him back as far as agility and speed, these that give him durability give him edge for that he can travel at tremendous speeds and can rattle off attacks that can stagger an opponent or ultimately blow them away. His best weapon was not something on his person, a special mechanical suit that he can call down from low orbit outfitted with airburst missiles and triple strength of his original abilities including his beams of energy and the kinetic tackle, luckily like most types of vehicles there is a function when the integrity of the mech suit is breached he can eject from the suit to safety or simply flash stepping out of the vehicle, but that is in the case of the area being enclosed and inside an interior. The problem is reaching the area he is in, since the satellite would take days to reach his location, so now he is left with the only abilities he has on his person. He would not expect a fight in this village until he hears the loud screech of a creature pierce his ear drums, his reaction was putting up the barrier to slightly muffle the sound and distort it to where the sound waves in the air could barely pierce through. He turns seeing this abominable creature scanning the area, this supposed hostile entity would cause Lao to bring his guard up. His barriers were ready from the moment the screech would echo through the streets. Lao draws his blade, twirling the hilt thrice in hand in his main hand then gripping the hilt as the blade of the katana extended, his gauntlet then began to charge glowing a faint violet color at the palm of his hand, he aims the palm of his gauntlet at the entity, as his visor then runs rapid diagnostics of how to track this potential threat ranging from between radio to gamma waves making sure he keeps a close eye on this individual and taking extreme caution. His gauntlet charged ready to strike at any given moment or gives Lao the possibly move quickly if needed. -
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Lao Wong, Kota Blackwing
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