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 -{New Option!}- Tag Your Friends in Posts!

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PostSubject: -{New Option!}- Tag Your Friends in Posts!   Fri Feb 06, 2015 10:32 pm

Dear Sinsiter Seven forum members,

Forumotion has set-up a mention tagging system for our forums. We hope you enjoy this new option created especially to your forum Smile

1- What is the purpose mention tag ?

It helps members to tag other members by using @username
It gives you the ability to identify and reference people in a post.

2- How mentions work on the forum?

Add Mention on the front

- Posts
Tag a user by using @username

When you click on @mention, you'll have the user profile appearing

- Notifications

*Via the profile

Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize

*Via the toolbar

Enlarge this image

Add Add Please note:

- If you have a username with a space or special characters, you must add " " After the @ and at the end of the name ( See Example Code Below )
Code: Select Content
@"ange tuteur"

Code: Select Content

Delete Delete Limitations of the system

Of course it won't work for all username

Some example that won't work @test@sd.com @<3Natalia<3 @#Natalia (# Hashtag will be taken into account not @) @ won't be taken into account inside code wrote:
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-{New Option!}- Tag Your Friends in Posts!
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