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 Arboricide Vs Aaron Havoc {DM} -Austin Lazy mode.-

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PostSubject: Arboricide Vs Aaron Havoc {DM} -Austin Lazy mode.-   Thu Feb 05, 2015 6:02 am

Arboricide & Aaron Havoc

Arboricide: +"What a beautiful day to kill!" Artemis roared out. His combat boots crunched upon the soft and moist soil, crushing the moss and varios blades of bright green grass that had penetrated the Earth's surface. As the beaten path of the Sakura forrest was walked by this man, he reached out both arms extended like the wings of a bird in mid glide. A white aura began to shape around Artemis' body, drawing in the life force of the plants around him. His abilities were simple. He could absorb the energy of the life around him as long as it was weak. The life force of the trees within a ten foot had been drained, causing them to wither away and die. Artemis, once full of the life energy that the trees had been sacrificed for, continued down the path until he saw the temple. He stood at the mouth of the forrest and watched the cherry blossoms float about in the wind. His black hair what whipped out of his face by a quick flick of the head. The black face wrappings that covered his mouth and nose muffled his voice as he spoke. "I'm here to claim my new home. All who oppose me will be slaughtered." As he spoke, He extended his right arm forward, fingers packed together to make his hand form the shape of an arrowhead. As he did so, a red energy formed around his arm in a swirl, making a humming noise as it solidified into a long blade starting at his elbow and ending about half a foot away from the tip of his fingers. On his other hand formed a ball of energy that was a bright teal. It radiated with light like a ball of neon gas, flowing about his fingers before stretching and wrapping around his wrist. It was becoming a chain with a hook on the end. This chain was about twelve feet long and seemed to be burning hot due to the steam and smoke that poured from under where the chain had been laying upon the ground. Artemis smiled under his face wrappings as he rolled his shoulders within his thick coat. +

Tsunami: Aaron scoffed as he watched from the roof of the temple. His long golden blonde hair flowed within the light wind, as his green and blue eyes glared down. "Who the fuck do you think you are?" Aaron got up from a laying position and slid down the roof, his crimson armor scraping against the tiles. Landing on his feet, his black over coat fowing upon landing. Among the lining of his coat, were six single shot flint lock pistols. Aaron grinned lightly as he reached into his coat, crossing his arms, feeling three pistols on each side. "This will be over before I run out of ammo." He said, draing a pistol for each hand. Upon Aaron's hip was a glass vile, filled to the brim with black sludge. Aaron's capabilities included his explosive counter, conjuration of fire, and immunity to toxins, poisons, and venom. He also had the ability to use Sebastian to summon a various collection of creatures to aid him in battle. Aaron tilted his head to the right, then to the left, cracking it to make sure he was loose for combat. He flung his coat back and let it drift in the wind as he began to walk forward, approaching this man that had trespassed upon his land.

Guest_Arboricide: Artemis quickly wrapped the chain that laid upon the ground upon his wrist. The chain glowed brightly as it soon became another blade, copying the one on his right hand. The only difference with this blade was it's color, changing from a teal to a purple. The two blades emitted a bright light as he focused his power into them. Artemis wasn't without a limit with his energy consumption, his power had to be replenished occasionally from draining from sources of life. With a quick skip, Artemis dashed forward, raising both blades to preform an oblique slash, starting from his left shoulder. As he dashed, a white light propelled him forward. If this attack towards Aaron's chest were to hit, it would kill him almost instantly.

Tsunami: //Aaron rotated to his right, going straight into a roll. As this roll was PREFORMED, a cloud of dust was sent into the air. Aaron sprang up and aimed for the nape of the neck on Artemis. "Adios, bastardos!" Aaron yelled as he fired a single shot towards Artemis. As the iron ball shot out, a cloud of white smoke filled Aaron's nostrils as he glared, a large, sinister grin curling upon his face. If this attack were to hit, it would barely hit his spine, causing him to be paralyzed from the neck down, leaving him alive, but unable to move.

Guest_Arboricide: Artemis fell to the ground, face first, the energy blades fading into nothing. The blood pouring from his neck. Artemis was helpless and unable to move, waiting for his fate.

Tsunami: //Aaron started to laugh. Quietly at first, then to a louder decibel. Suddenly, his laughter became psychotic and unpredictable. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER FUCKED WITH ME! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?!" Aaron ran over to the man and rolled him over, looking him in his weeping, pathetic eyes. "Tell me, did you really think that you could get away with attacking me in my own home? HMMMMM?! Well guess what, your life will be coming to an end and it's ALL YOUR OWN FUCKING FAULT! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Aaron roared with his words as he started punching the man's face. The first hit landed on his forehead, the second hit his cheekbone, totally shattering it. The third broke his nose, causing blood to splatter on Aaron's face. Aaron leaned down and bit the man's shoulder, tearing a chunk of flesh off, and causing his blood to fill Aaron's mouth. Chewing, Aaron's eyes widened. Without hesitation, he spit the chunk of flesh out of his mouth and into the man's face, holding his blood soaked sinister grin. "Now..... Let's make things a bit more interesting!" Aaron yelled as he snatched the glass vile off of his belt. He brought it up above his head, letting the sunlight shine through the glass vile, creating a multi colored prism effect upon the moist ground. Aaron gripped it tightly, then tossed the vile onto the ground with enough force to shatter the glass prison. Upon contact, the glass shards were sent into the dirt and into the black sludge. The black sludge began to scuttle about, growing in size as it took in oxygen. As the creature grew, it shook the glass pieces out of it's "Body" and suddenly halted at Aaron's feet. It moved away from him only three feet where it would begin it's grotesque transformation. The sludge began to bubble to the size of a basketball. It had flattened it's self upon the ground, balling up in the middle to create what looked like a human head. Soon a neck would follow, then a shoulder with a solid black arm pulling out of the gunk to reach forward to whatever was in front of it. The other arm followed, joining the fellow limb in grasping at nothing. The two hands flattened on the ground ad began to push once the grasping was finished. Out of the sludge, a torso, then hips, then legs. Once the legs were pulled out, they pushed as well, pulling some of the sludge with it. Once the full body was created, it would be noticed by Aaron that the sludge that had formed a human looking body seemed to be a bit large. As the creature stood to a tall Six feet, eight inches, it's black skin began to change color into a yellowish and sickly color. On the head, two slits appeared then opened, to create large, crimson cat-like eyes. They glared about as the snake-like nostrils formed. The nostrils flared as the mouth formed, only as a slit at first but as the jaw forced it's self open, the flesh tore and bled. The inside of the mouth was filled with long, pointed, dagger-like teeth that had been yellowed due to the rotting flesh being stuck between them for so long with out proper care. A long forked tongue slithered upon the teeth, slathering black saliva that dripped and filled the air with a rancid smell. On the tips of the creatures fingers were long talons, discolored from blood. Upon the top of the creatures head, hair began to form rather quickly, growing until it reached his mid back. The hair was jet black and greasy, knotted and tangled, as if it hadn't been washed in years. "Sebastian..... I need you to summon a chainsaw for me, buddy!" Aaron said, his voice shaking from excitement. Sebastian nodded and then puked up a ball of black sludge that flattened it's self upon the ground. The puddle of sludge began to develop a purple swirl within it, opening a rift into another reality. Suddenly, light poured out of the puddle and out of it, a chainsaw. Bloodied and dirty from Aaron's previous kills. Aaron ran over towards it and picked it up, pulling the string to start up the engine. Revving the chainsaw, Aaron silently walked over towards Artemis, rotating the chain as he began severing his legs at the knee. Blood splattered all around the area. Aaron's face was red with blood as he continued grinning. Once the legs were cut off, He moved to the arms, severing the left first. Once he was left with only one limb, Aaron had to act fast before he bled to death. "Sebastian, repair his nerves." Aaron said, trying hard not to laugh. Sebastian nodded and took his index finger and injected the bio-sludge into his neck, reconnecting the nerves just so that he could feel it all. Aaron looked down at the man, watching him writhe. "Now, tell me how you will kill me, friend." Aaron said, aiming down the sights of his flint lock pistol, letting the barrel line up with his forehead. He pulled the trigger, sending the bullet flying into his skull, making his brain complete mush. "Pathetic...." Austin said, walking off and tossing his pistol onto the ground...
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Arboricide Vs Aaron Havoc {DM} -Austin Lazy mode.-
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