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 Aaron Havoc Vs Rook

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PostSubject: Aaron Havoc Vs Rook   Aaron Havoc Vs Rook EmptyWed Feb 04, 2015 6:43 am

Aaron Vs Rook

Aaron Havoc Vs Rook Tumblr_m81v8qrzgo1roc7alo1_500_zpsuge5zuwp
Tsunami: //Aaron's Jingasa ignited as his hair floureshed as a burning lion's mane. It quickly became total ash as Aaron continued to change. His eyes now blazed heven hotter with black ash forming around the sockets, lines of what looked like magma surged even more along his face. The fire pouring from his mouth also poured from his nostrils now as he continued to step forward. The torso of the man was now revealed due to the intense heat. The only remaining atricle of clothing upon his torso was the red hot steel on his chest and back. With a shaking hand, Aaron grasped the steel, digging his fingers into it and pulling, causing it to warp and sever. He tossed the hot metal onto the kunai, causing the steel wire to heat up very quickly. Upon Aaron's chest, the letter "H" was burning brightly. Walking forward, Aaron grinned, his foot steps causing the sludge to bubble with heat. Meanwhile, Sebastian's body melted into the sludge just before the attack struck, severing the sludge and causing it to splatter about upon impact. This sludge was unique. If the splattering sludge were to actually get on Rook, it would stick and move to his joints in time.

Fugative: Rook finishing his roll over his sludge based oppoenent felt futile within the moment, though Rook was a spontanious sort when it came to his combat situations. As based on his primary programming he would attack and destroy anything that was before him listed as an advisary or opponent. Rook fell to the ground with his roll in tact and raising to his feet, the dust from the ground would lift and form behind him at the speed of his momentum was haulted by the rockey surface below, Rook having to plant his sword in the ground to hault himself entirely, to his disadvantage the speed of his steam injectors would cause him to move quickly though based on his build, the speed would have to be negated by hitting or stopping himself manually. Rook slowly raised from the ground, using his sword hilt as a crunch to raise his entire body, returning to his feet he would give a quick roll with his shoulder as though he were shrugging off dust from his pauldron. Rook left his blade pierced into the ground before raising his hands and bringing them into another formation within the center of his body, two fingers of his right hand pointed upward as his remaining fingers formed into a clinched ball with each palm, as he finished the motioning symbols of his hands the orb in the center, stationed under his helmet visor began to brightly shine with a red hue, blood ridden color shining and flashing outside of his helmet and shining outward to his master. Upon his visor the clear indication of lettering was rolling through a cycle, flashing slowly the scripture of "取り除く". Rook's entire body ejected a smoke like steam as though huffing out a breathe of frustration from his body and lungs. Rook's body seemed more stiff and active at this point, his movements appearing faster than originally based at the start of the battle. Rook ripped his blade from the stone ledging below him and gave it a whirl around his wrist before tightening his grip and lowering into a tighter defensive stance upon seeing the theatric sight before him of his Master. Rook slowly slid his feet into a seperate shuffle, moving him slowly to the left as though sizing up the man before him, awaiting for his Master to initate the attack that it seemed he was prepping. Rook could only note that his wiring that was attatched the kunai that he threw before moving was melting away at the emense heat that was breaking the wire, or tipping it to the boiling point of combusting into flames. As though to further his preplanned alternative The wire sparked into a firey line and ran down the remaining portion of the wire to the lower hilt of the kunai which was still stuck into the ground, only a few paces away from the left handed portal that was now evaporating from sight. The kunai isntantly sparked and combusted into a large puff of smoke, sending small bits of metal flying in a multitude of directions as if a grenade had exploded within the sparring area, Rook knew this to be his moment to continue his movement, without visbility manipulation he would not be able to gain an attacking chance on the much more experienced swordfighter before him, as the pluff of smog that erupted from the kunai misted through the air, cutting the path between both fighters Rook made his move. With a jolt forward he would begin running, pacing himself quickly and rushing toward the last known location of his Master, sword still tight into his hand the turbines began to spin once more and ejecting the fast paced steam to fly from the back of Rook's lower lumbar and thighs, sending him almost soaring toward his Master, Rook notioned a movement with his right thumb, the components of his robot shell would allow for such mechanics to become manual based, as he moved his thumb it triggered the reverse effects of his steam powered movements, the steam now spiraling from the back of his right shoulder and left, resulting into a high frequency spin, Rook attempting to add more power in speed to his strike he was about to iniate, as he cut through the steam he gained visibility of his master, through heat he pushed through and haulted his steam, his turbines bursting a gust of afterburning type repulse of using a high amount of oxygen within his robotic shell. The air gust acted as though an imploded cloud, cutting both heat and smog in the air outward, as though a circular forcefield moved them from the sparring field, whilst in the air during the events, only moments away Rook was in critical range of a kill shot. Rook brought his blade forward toward his master, the spin from his turbine engines leaving him in a high speed cutting edge, hoping to land a slide over his chest which was now revealed before the armor meltage.

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Aaron Havoc Vs Rook
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