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PostSubject: Réka Salko レカ    Réka Salko レカ  EmptyTue Feb 03, 2015 2:45 pm

Full Name: Réka Salko レカ
Meaning of their full name: Réka meaning sweet.
Why did you, their creator name them this?: Love the name Réka Salko.
Title(Mr./Mrs./Lord/Lady/Sir/): Lady Réka Salko.
Nickname(s): Re
Do they enjoy these/this nickname(s)?: Réka, doesn't mind her nickname she thinks it's quite adorable.
History behind nickname(s): She was just given the name Réka the day she was born.
Sex: Female.
Gender identity: Woman?
Race/species: Caucasian, and human.
Realm/Universe(Real world, an anime verse, etc.): Real world.
Share about this realm(What's considered normal/average/within sanity for this realm/verse):
Age: 21
How old they appear: 16
Mental age: 30


Birth date: 09/23/1993
Birth place: Japan
Death date: Not dead yet..
Death place: Not dead yet..

Height: 5'0
Weight: 100'
Are they overweight/underweight?: She not overweight nor underweight.
If so, why?:
Blood type: AB
Can they bleed?: Yes.
What color is their blood?: Human blood red?

Hair color(s): Blonde.
Hair length: Long.
Dyed?: No.
If so, why is their hair dyed?:
Hair style: Straight.
Why?: She keeps it naturally.
Is their hair healthy?: Yes.
If not, why can it not be maintained?:
How thick?: It's pretty thick.

Facial hair?: No.
Well kept?: She has none.
Length: No, length.
Styling: No.
Color: No color.

Body hair?: Yes.
Where?: Head, legs, arms, armpits, and downstairs.
Well kept?: Yes, she keeps up with shaving.
Color: Some blonde and brown.

Body build(slim, muscular, etc.): Slim.
Body shape(Pear, hourglass, rectangle, etc.): Hourglass.
Posture(slouched, correct, etc.): Correct she very lady like.
Extra extremities(Another arm, tail, horns etc.): No.
Describe how they walk(Fast, slow, weak step, etc.): She takes her time.
Why do they walk this way?: She was taught to walk this way.
Do they limp?: No.

Right/left handed(or ambidextrous perhaps?): Right handed.
Big hands/small hands/something else?: Small.
Long fingered/short fingered hands?: Short.
Are their nails taken care of(Decently)?: Yes.

Describe their voice(What range is it for one thing? Alto, tenor, bass, etc.?) Very low soft voice. You might take her voice to sound like a child at times.
Speech mannerisms(Do they pause a lot, a stutter?: No.

Describe an outfit they would wear: Priestess kimono.
Why do they have this clothing preference?: She is a priestess, so she is required to wear her outfit at all times.

Current faith(religion): Polytheism.
If they do have one, why?:
If they don't have one, why?: She is a priestess that's what she was taught to believe and follow.
Are they strong in it?: Very much so.
Do they actively practice it?: Yes.
Why did they choose this faith?: She didn't she was brought into it the day she was adopted.
If they didn't choose it, were they forced into it?: Yes.
If forced, do they like it now that they're in it?: Yes, she doesn't mind it for that's all she's known her whole life.
Why do they believe this religious plunge is correct?: She doesn't know if it is or isn't.
Do they know?: No.

Personal quote and(or) motto: You have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.
Reasons behind this motto/quote: You have to see the bad times before you can appreciate the good.

Where they're from: She was born in German but was brought to Japan as infant to be adopted into the Salko family.
What country?: Japan.
State/region?: Hiroshima.
City?: Kuro.


Marital status: Réka Salko has her eyes set on one of the samurai apart of the Sinister Seven.

What education level do they have right now?: None she was home school.
(Relative to continued education)What college/academy/training do they now attend?: None.
Highest education level completed: None.

Biggest fears: Hurting the people she cares for the most.
How often does this fear take a toll on them?: A lot.

Abilities(As in powers): Nature, spiritual dances such as the Kagura suzu dance, and writing down on talismans. She was also taught to wield a bow and arrow.

Rate their power on a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being most powerful in all the universe they're in: 3.5.

Special skills(Not meaning powers): Helping the spirits find their peace within this dark world.

Hobbies: Singing, dancing, and praying.
How do they spend their free time?: She normally spends her free time at a creek near her village.
She enjoys watching the nature and surroundings around her.
What about their non-free time?: She normally sits in a shrine hearing people's prayers and wishes.

Social skills(Not everyone is a social butterfly or an antisocial individual): She one that keeps to herself. She'll speak when spoken too.

What's their favorite time of day?: Night.
Why?: She loves admiring the stars.
Does this time have anything to do with their upbringing?:
Least favorite time of day: Mornings.
Why?: She hates getting up early.

First language: English
Second language: Japanese.

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